Do you watch football with husband and act like it's the worst thing on TV, just to be secretly rooting for your favorite team?  Do you act like you hate doing the dishes, but find the job actually relaxing?  Let us know what you secretly love for today's secrets question.

What do you act like you dislike but #secretly like?

  • Secrets: I act annoyed when my husband talks dirty flirt talk, but I act annoyed so he does it more because I LOVE it ❤
  • I act like I don't like to work overtime but I'm really loving it because I'm thinking about the big pay checks which mean more money for the things that I really want to do.
  • I absolutely love the Kardashians! But I act like I hate them. I can't help it. PS Steve you're doing a great job. I know that this is your nightmare.
  • I secretly act like I dislike it when people code in the hospital, but really I like the adrenaline rush, running to save someone and getting to bring them back to this world it’s sooo satisfying.
  • When my hubby and his friends give me a hard time.
  • My sister in law. She is a train wreck, and she "knows what YOUR problem is," but I really like her and worry for her. She can never live in my house again but I like her.
  • I'm late I know but loving the Steve and Meghan show! I pretend I hate being the only female that works in a machine shop but being the only girl you definitely get special treatment so I don't mind lol
  • Things that I secretly like, cloths shopping and shoe shopping. I love cloths and shoe shopping, it's just hard to find cute women's shoes in size 12, and cute cloths in my size.
  • Getting flowers. I know that is a weird one.... I love flowers and love getting them, but do honestly dislike getting them because they just die so quickly Made the mistake of telling my fiancé this at the beginning of our relationship, and I haven't gotten flowers since... Now build me a flower bed and flowers to plant in it, and I'll be over the moon!
  • Being tall. It sucks when it comes to buying clothes, but other than that, I love it.
  • Being the only female in the house. Not really. Yes the toilet seat stays down and I can shop alone.
  • That I am the ONLY female at my job. Yeah it gets annoying sometimes listening to "man" talk everyday, the beer drinking after work, and cleaning up after them, but it definitely beats working with the chatty kathy, drama filled, emotional, whining, nasty perfume smelling women I've worked with in the past. There's only one Hen in my house and at work, and that's ME! I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • Years ago I told my daughter I did not like One Directions music and it made her so angry but I listened to them loudly in the car, when she wasn't around lol
  • Hmmm.... although it can get annoying my husband losing his things. I always joke with him that he does it on purpose just so I can find it for him. I dislike it to his face because he is hopeless, but I secretly like it because that proves he would be lost without me ‍♂️‍♀️
  • Frozen the movie
  • When my husband falls asleep on the couch. #entirebedtomyself #middleofthebed
  • halsey and billie eilish.
  • Cats. No offense Connie! I'm a dog guy but sometimes I come across a cat that is actually pretty chill... For like 5 min and then they all of a sudden dont want to be pet no more! Lol
  • Corn beef hash for breakfast.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • My husband.
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians. Its definently a guilty pleasure for sure. They are just so dramatic and dumb and fake and I cant get enough
  • I say I hate drama, but I love watching everyone else's drama... I get a rush out of knowing 1/3 of the facts, and then I let my imagination play out different scenarios like it's an interactive game. So much fun when i have alone time!
  • Gossip. I say i hate it, but secretly i enjoy knowing everything about everyone
  • Rap/hip hop music!.....everyone around me despises it but I just cant help but love it. Love the beat and dancing to it.
  • UofM. I grew up in Columbus a die-hard Buckeye. I could be swayed to switch my loyalty, but I can't admit it to my Wolverine husband or my family, who would pick on me until the day I die for being a traitor.
  • Hallmark I do really hate it but always catch myself watching it... especially Christmas episodes

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