Let's get weird with today's Text Question of the Day.  What weird thing do you like to do with your friends?

What's something you and your friends do that other people think is weird?

  • Have civil conversations about religion and politics. We are on opposite sides of both and have some great conversations. Most people think we’re absolutely insane.
  • We all LOVE to workout!!
  • We hammock camp all year round.
  • Smoke cigars!
  • Take Sponge Bob on our shopping vacation every year. He too likes Fireball. WHAT? He told me so, dah!
  • Take pictures of bathroom stalls
  • We have a game. We call it the boop game. The goal of the game is to tap another person's nose, you can not get tapped back before midnight and you win. So a lot of the time my friend group looks like they are always ready to fight we get a lot a weird looks. We all have gotten more creative as well. Sneaking up on people waiting until they are giving someone else a hug good bye. It's fun, especially when someone new gets into the group and they have no skill set to block they became easy pray. And yes you can
  • My family enjoys peanut butter & pickle sandwiches... Like parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & my siblings.
  • Wake and bake
  • I used to exchange chewed gum with my best friend. All of our classmates thought we were disgusting but we didn’t care.
  • My friends and I make weird faces to each other when we are out at bars. We like to do it from across the room until some random person notices us then we look at them lol
  • I let my friend inject my insulin in public. It definitely makes people look at us funny.
  • My friends and I will randomly pretend to have lightsaber battles with twirls, flourishes, and jumps in the middle of public places
  • We have an obsession over Dodo birds
  • My weird thing is I nerd out over Stargate SG1 it’s a sci-fi tv series that was popular in the 90s. It’s before my time but absolutely love it bc of the great story line. My friends think it’s dorky bc of the special effects
  • Hang around at each other’s houses topless. (We’re early 20s straight girls). When our other friend came over she was really surprised.
  • It's something I do with my boyfriend... we eat around anything that's round like the outer part first. Like we eat around the middle of burgers and cookies, just anything that's round. Also we eat tacos and hot dogs from the ends first then i eat the middle. He never did that until he met me and thought it was neat so now he does it too. We are meant for each other lol
  • Text question of the day: My buddies and I have a messed up game. We surprise each other with random nipple twists or a turkey slap to the giblets when you least expect it! It gets interesting when where drinking and all holding our junk because we don't trust each other lol... if you don't know us and our sick sense of humor, you probably wouldn't understand the game!

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