Christine was talking about how bad she wanted this Dyson hair dryer but she won’t pull the trigger. She really is good with her money and she said it was $300. I was like “get yourself a present, you can afford it”. So then Steve and I started telling her about the things we shop for or dream about online and it added up to thousands of dollars. This led us to today’s TQOTD.

What do you keep looking at online that you know you can't afford or won't buy?

  • One of those Jeep Gladiators...I don't know what I'd haul in that little bed, but I really like that thing.
  • Coach purse
  • pretty rings
  • Just about everything on Amazon right now.
  • New house. Mine is almost paid off, and hubby won’t move.
  • Catamaran
  • Land and the ginormous fifth wheels and campers
  • Homes, honeymoon, and tattoos in memory of my father.
  • Tiny homes. That would be a dream for me.
  • Lake houses in Traverse City! Maybe someday…. Nope , I doubt it lol.
  • A van, slim pickings for used private sales. Dealing with dealerships isn't appealing.
  • 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor
  • Keep looking at a yacht but can’t afford
  • Trucks and campers
  • Mattresses and invisalign
  • A sleep number bed
  • Pool
  • A new house
  • A new car
  • Peloton bike and the bowflex treadclimber
  • Disney vacations
  • New 2022 mini clubman stick shift, a new home on Zillow. Anything in the store since I’m unemployed until 10-11.
  • Everything needed to do a total facelift on the house...add a front porch, windows in my bedroom, new roof, new siding, sliding doors out to the backyard, redo the back porches....
  • RV’s and vacation homes
  • My student loans
  • love them tennies
  • A house
  • A jeep one day I’ll be able to buy one!
  • A Camera bag. I want it so bad But I can't justify spending that much on a camera bag.
  • Every Jeep accessory on the planet
  • Houses that could use some serious renovating
  • Pontoon boat
  • I like to look at overly-priced NASCAR diecast I can't afford and too expensive to buy
  • My husband likes to look at houses in Malibu lol
  • Quad cab pick up truck. Wouldn’t even matter what manufacturer it was from. Just something clean/very little rust.
  • A '65 Pontiac Grand Prix. It is my absolute dream car, but I’d have to boot my wife’s car from the garage…
  • House on the beach
  • Cloth diapers I have way too many as it is but looking at patterns is so addicting!
  • Unrealistically I would buy a big pole barn house and design it the way I want. Realistically, there is a bottle of perfume called ‘Juliette Has a Gun’ that is $150. As a single mom I can’t fathom spending that on a bottle of perfume.
  • Black stone griddle. Want one so bad but can’t justify spending that much right now. Or a kate spade purse
  • I always look at videos and photos of Italy and Greece and dream of traveling extensively there. The food, the wine, the culture!
  • Nugget Ice Machine

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