Think back to your job before the pandemic began and tell us what the one thing you miss most about working pre-COVID.

What do you miss the most about work? (pre-pandemic)

  • Listening to Connie and Fish during my drive
  • I miss having my preschoolers in the building.
  • Families being able to come see their loved ones and not having to do outdoor or window visits 💔
  • Interacting with my colleagues and celebrating our successes!
  • No masks and being able to hug my students!
  • My friends who were let go, lunches together, afterwork cocktails, PEOPLE!
  • Seeing my students’ smiles.
  • So many people (Patients & Co-workers) are stressed out & exhausted
  • I miss the place I was at. Since covid they've had to lay off or let go almost half of the workers, office included. It was the first place I worked at since moving to Michigan and my favorite job.
  • Everyone in the office, no stress just people passionate about what they do and no masks!
  • No masks! People to talk to, separation of work and home life. Working at home alone consistently gets very boring and lonely.
  • Been working the whole time, but other departments are not, so just seeing other people in the building.
  • I miss my coworkers from a previous job. They made it bearable and a hoot on the days I needed it the most. They pushed me to better myself in ways I am so grateful for today
  • Not having to be a virtual teacher and a stay at home mom and a tutor for 2 juniors, and 8th grader, and a first grader all at once.
  • Talking to people. I mostly work alone right now.
  • Nothing. My work has not changed one bit. Very grateful.
  • Being able to print, scan and fax whenever I want.
  • The Plaza Cafe in my building being open. Those grilled cheese sandwiches, YUM!
  • Pot lucks!!
  • Being able to hug my patients..
  • Traveling. I'm soooo tired of being at home all the time
  • Morning coffee chats with my coworkers.
  • Customers!
  • Chatting with my co-workers throughout the day. Talking through work situations. Seeing actual faces.
  • Less tension, no mask. The family feel we had before it all started.
  • Giving hugs to so many of my regular customers that have become friends.
  • Not having to wear a mask for over 8 hours a day
  • Laughter. So many people (patients & co-workers) are stressed out & exhausted
  • Seeing people’s smiles....
  • Any of it they closed my department
  • Not wearing a mask all day.
  • Comradetry
  • The over time
  • My coworkers
  • Face to face contact with my favorite clients. And the phone not ringing every damn second of the day (because of curbside).
  • I do face to face and telehealth, honestly, I prefer the telehealth. But I do miss being able to take the kids I work with on outings.
  • Overtime hours for awesome paycheck every week
  • I miss being able to freely walk away from my desk w/o a mask
  • I drive a bus. I miss seeing my kids' smiles. And I miss being able to hear them when they want to talk with me - not having to say "what?" Over and over and over again.
  • TQOTD: Employees that were laid off but did not return to work when we were able to. Miss them
  • Husbands answers (Factory Work Setting) - “Not having to wear a mask”. My answer (Hospital Work Setting) - “Not having to wear a mask, apron, booties, head coverings, googles, and double gloves each and every time I enter and exit a COVID 19 positive patients room.“
  • My coworkers being able to see me smile at them and potlucks
  • The coffee was pretty good as was the cookie parties!

Rainbows After the Storm - June 11, 2020

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