Today's Text Question of the Day is all about you regrets. Did you have a chance to go on an awesome vacation but chose to stay at home? Or maybe you didn't take a job that you're kicking yourself about now? Let us know.

What do you regret not doing?

  • Not filing for D first.
  • Not taking my life into my own hands sooner. I've always cared so much about what others have thought of me and life has constantly reminded me how short it can be, how unexpected it is, and just how little the opinion of others on HOW you live your life is so unimportant
  • My biggest regret is not playing the piano more for my wife before she died.
  • I have always regretted not pursuing the career I had wanted since I was a teen (bladesmithing). But I went to college instead because it was just the next step. I was bad at it because I didn't have a major that I wanted to do (go figure). So now I'm doing a desk job with no knowledge of how to get into my dream job especially without going further into debt.
  • Going to college right after high school
  • Living my life FOR ME instead of living it for what's best for everyone else!! Being a tad bit more a ripe age of 54, finally figuring it out. (I've always been a late bloomer).
  • Grabbing my two extra monitors before leaving my office for 3 weeks... one screen is definitely not working as well for me since I'm used to 3.
  • Going to school to become an archaeologist or paleontologist. I love learning about history, and thought literally digging it up would have been amazing
  • Finishing college before life got in the way. Or pursuing another field
  • Ordering a #1 instead of a #3
  • Rv living
  • Standing up for myself
  • Going to college!
  • Sky diving. But while I was pregnant with 6th child I became terrified of hieghts. But it still on my bucket list.
  • Traveling before kids.
  • Not going to see Tom Petty, Chris Stapleton and Joe Walsh in Chicago a few years ago, Tom Petty died the following year and he was on my wish list to see in concert,
  • I was working in a tourist town and it was on 4th of July weekend, busiest weekend of year, I should have said screw it and took the time off and went.
  • Going back and finishing my nursing degree
  • Spending more time enjoying life instead of working so much
  • Living in a different country for a few months before husband & kids- or at least kids.
  • I regret not being a Firefighter....
  • Getting married and having more kids.
  • Finishing college. Still have time though.
  • Going to college
  • Traveling more before we had our kiddos.
  • Going to college.
  • Moving to Utah
  • Having more kids
  • Nothing. I have no regrets.
  • Not going to visit my aunt before she passed
  • Losing weight sooner. It’d be a lot easier if I were younger
  • Studying abroad in Japan.
  • I regret not going to trade school right after high school. I’m 34 and stuck in a factory. It pays good but I’m bored
  • I regret that the hubby and I decided to forgo our out of country all inclusive vacation this year and went to Florida instead with another couple and it was a trip from Hell then we come home to covid crap
  • TQOTD: The one thing I regret is not working on my marriage which ended in divorce. He cheated but if we both would have stepped up and addressed the issues we were having instead of ignoring them, what followed may have not happened.
  • I regret not spending more time with my elders (grandparents/aunts/uncles/in laws) just to be able to sit with them and record or jot down their stories and experiences to pass down in our family. Once all those years end up passing by the most thing your crave is hearing their voice and stories, and I regret not taking the time make those memories and pass them on.
  • I regret not completing my degree directly after high school. I am now 35 with three kids, work full time and taking classes in a pandemic! Sent help lol!
  • TQOTD-I regret not trying out for the Ben-Gals. I was offered to try out for the Bengals cheerleading squad when I was 21 during a modeling interview. My son was 4 and was having dental surgery, so I did not got to tryouts. The Bengals blow goats anyway and they only got paid $50 a game. I do regret not trying out though.
  • I was studying abroad in Romania, at the end of it myself and a few of the other students were planning to go to Hungary, instead of going, I came back home to the states. I was too homesick. I always regret not going because it was only an extra few days, I wish I could’ve gone still to this day
  • Text question of the day- what do I regret not doing? I regret not moving to Hawaii after graduating from college when I was 22 years old. I had a friend that lived on Maui, I went to visit him with my family and he had a job for me and everything, but I didn't pull the trigger. Go ahead Fish- 'Ya big dummy!!'

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