One thing that has always made Steve and I sad is that many many women just don’t understand us ..> THE MEN! Sometimes we made need to be help in a spoon type position or possibly give us just HALF the bed. We are simple creatures overall but I am very excited to learn more about women from today’s TQOTD. You never can know enough:

What do you wish the opposite sex knew about your sex?

  • I just wish they knew that if you don’t write it down, it’s the same as never telling us.
  • Ummm... it's mine and don't want to share…
  • Men's brain = 5 in 1 tide pod. Women brain = Buying detergent, scent booster, fabric softener, extra bleach just for good measure. So I guess my thing is that guys are simple and easy, we just want to watch sports.
  • Women like men who take care of themselves. (Smell good, feet clean, nails trimmed / clean, eat healthy)
  • Just cuz I smile at you doesn’t mean I want balloon animals!
  • Just listen. Talking is not always necessary. And when we are venting, "calm down" is not the recommended response
  • Intimacy isn't just physical.
  • Anatomy.
  • Even if we act like we can do it all.... At least offer to lend a hand
  • Lately I just wish they could experience pregnancy for a week or so. His turn.
  • We love romance! Love letters, a sweet text, a flower, a hug, anything that lets me know U care. Easy!
  • What it’s like to truly be pregnant and give birth. It’s one thing to hear about it and a whole other to experience it. I think it would greatly help women in the workplace
  • Us women are complicated
  • Shockingly, you CAN walk by us without touching us
  • There is no "friendzone" - the use of that term tells us that you only value women if you're attracted to them, which is a clear indication that you don't have any respect for women.
  • we can do more than one thing at a time
  • To be respected and that we don’t read minds.
  • What I wish the opposite sex knew is that not all women talk cryptic to men. Some of us actually say what we mean without a hidden agenda.
  • How uncool gym selfies & revving your engine is
  • I wish they (men) knew we weren’t purposely being dramatic, angry, or upset during that time of the month when “auntie flow” comes around… some women have no issues.. and some do ‍♀️ also, it’s not weird to be frequently aroused while pregnant
  • Men are always right
  • WOMAN: When you ask us how we are and respond with "Fine", just run like hell and don't say another word
  • That women don't pee out of their
  • We don't want to be your mother and pick up after you all the time. We like clean people.
  • Just because we’re in a bad mood or opinionated it doesn’t mean we are PMSing.
  • How much it sucks having something slap the inside of your thighs when you walk..
  • WOMAN: Foreplay isn’t just physical.
  • WOMAN: We do know what we want to eat, we just want things from different places but don't want to inconvenience or mention all the things we want.
  • MAN: Men won't admit it but we'd love it if someone bought us flowers.

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