In all honesty, we had some trouble figuring out what the text question of the day should be today.  But then we just decided to turn that trouble right into the #TQOTD!  Because we figured, man we should be better at this coming up with a question thing.  So, we made the question...

What do you wish you were better at?

  • I wish I was better with money!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I wish I was better at remembering things. I forget things so easily. It takes forever to get things to stick.
  • For the love of God "eating right!" #junkfoodjunkie....... wahhhh
  • Stronger at CrossFit.
  • I wish I had Fish's taste in music. NOT. I really wish I could dance better. Betty
  • I wish I was better at playing the guitar!✌😎🎸
  • I wish I was better at standing up for myself and not letting people use me.
  • TQOTD- i wish i was better at time management im working full time normally from 5 am to 6pm 50-60hrs a week and my 2 children ages 7 and 6 are on summer vacation all they want to do is play and spend time with me and go to the park or a bike ride when I get out but by the time I get home its about 7-8 at 7 years and trying to make ends meet is hard I wish I could be a better mom and find a better job that pays more so I can t night and its too late to go anywhere they say they miss me every day and that they wish I didnt have to work so much but being a single mom for the laswork less.... Its hard I'm doing the best I can........
  • #TQOTD I wish I was better at judging people. I let people in way too quickly, forgive/forget way too often and have been burned by that more times than I can count.
  • I wish I was better at not letting rude comments get to me
  • I wish I was better at being a mom. I try so hard but the most night I struggle to sleep just thinking how much better I could be. See I struggle with bipolar, depression, and in a recovering addict. So sometimes its really hard for me to see the good in things...
  • TQOTD: I wish I was a better mom. My husband is such a good dad, I don't even come close.
  • I wish I was better at telling people no. I feel like a pushover a lot of the time.
  • I wish I was better at lifestyle consistency.
  • I wish I was better at having more patience with my kids
  • I wish I was better at letting my husband take the lead. I get so impatient or think my ways are right so I tend to just do it over him or instead of him and I need to allow him to be the man
  • I wish I was better at life and being an adult. Growing up sucks.
  • I wish I was better at budgeting. I'm a single mom living paycheck to paycheck and it's so hard to set money aside to do nice things for my kids.
  • Cooking... I suck at it and I hate it.
  • I wish I was a better listener.
  • I wish I liked more foods #tqotd
  • I wish I was better at saving so I could take family vacations
  • I wish I was handier both around the house and with my car. I always have to call my dad or brother 🙄
  • I wish I was good at making balloon animals, but it's a difficult thing when the balloon doesn't hold enough air anymore.
  • I wish I was better at keeping my house clean it's always a disaster.
  • #tqotd Wish I was better at budgeting! I can justify buying just about anything! I spend too much money...
  • I wish I was a better cook...or knew how to cook at all....that could be why I'm still single since they always say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach... 😂
  • I wish I had been better with time management in the past, my daughters are 18 and 21 now and I feel like I've missed most of their lives trying to provide for them.
  • I wish I were a better housekeeper!
  • My son said, math!... as He got out of the car to go to school. He's taking his final exam today.
  • I wish I was better at not actually saying everything that came to mind out loud
  • I wish I was better at remembering things!!!!