Have you ever looked at a billboard and thought WTF? That's what happened to me yesterday afternoon.

I was driving home when I passed by a billboard, on the corner of 44th and Kalamazoo in Kentwood, with a giant strawberry on it. That was it. No words, no other pictures, nothing to signify what the strawberry was trying to tell me. Other than the fact that I wanted to bite into that giant red strawberry. It looked like one of the ones that would be juicy at first bite.

Of course I took a picture. I needed to know!

Christine George/Townsquare Media
Christine George/Townsquare Media

I tried to Google what the meaning behind this mysterious billboard was but I couldn't find anything. I even checked when strawberry season in Michigan is and according to different Google results, we are currently in strawberry season (June & July) so is that what it could be?

Do you have any idea what the strawberry billboard along 44th Street in Kentwood is trying to tell me? Why is it just a strawberry? Do more exist in the greater Grand Rapids area and beyond? Please help put my mind to rest as this will bother me every time I drive passed it.

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