I remember why we did this Text Question of the Day. Connie and Steve were picking on me about my weird relationship with my Mum. She and I used to have what you call a unique bond. We talked about everything and she had a very very naughty sense of humor. I loved it!

What Does Your Family Do That Is Bizarre?

  • Apparently, using paper plates is odd to some people.
  • We do not use our real names, it’s all nicknames.
  • We actually enjoy each other's company…
  • We all work at the same place
  • My mom bizarre thing is believed in the number 14 all my kids were born on 14. My mom stopped 2 births to make sure they were born on 14. My parents both passed away on the 14th true sign
  • Have a large family group chat with 12 iPhones. More weird is grandparents grandkids and sisters use it all the time for good and bad news, jokes, pictures etc. love my family!
  • We always mix all of our food on our plate together so it looks like slop.... no I'm serious
  • Breathe
  • For us it's making the younger kids work for at least 1 gift ...be it birthday or christmas. Example: youngest son last year for his 12th birthday...picture double sided box ( 2 split compartments) on one side small gift box filled with pebbles ( his sister filled it up) then a crap load of pine cones on top of that. Other side of the box his actual gift layered in a grocery bag, duct tape, gift wrap, grocery bag,vinyl tape, grocery bag, duct tape and more gift wrap. Under a pile of more bags scrap paper and a few extra pine cones. Duct taped shut COMPLETELY then gift wrap to make it nice and innocent .
  • We’ll sit around the dinner table after we eat and try to flip a styrofoam cup on to a beer bottle
  • Many generations of us all live together as adults, by choice, including moving our parents in soon as well…
  • We give funny lingerie as Christmas gifts. My father in law gave a negligee to his great aunt. I gave candy underwear to my wife (my 6 year old thought was SO hilarious that you’d eat your underwear). There’s nothing like sexy family Christmas…
  • Not my family, but my dad's wife's family. They make this absolute ABOMINATION for holidays and they all talk about how great it is. Cherry/Red Jello. Cream cheese. Cottage cheese. Mixed until there are just little grainy bowl of slop. FFS!
  • Carry my grandpa's ashes in the trunk of our car for last 20 years

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