I was so excited this weekend. I was positive it was going to happen … I KNEW IT!!! HAMBURGERS and DOGS at Dan’s house. There is something about good food that excites most of us and puts us in a good mood. Much like when we were children the bad foods may actually do the reverse. 98% of people (in my head) said Good food actually makes them physically or mentally do a happy dance …

What Foods Are Most Likely to Put You in a Good Mood or a Bad Mood?

  • Food makes me happy
  • Tacos- good mood Mayo/Mustard- bad mood
  • Food I didn't have to cook myself!
  • Homemade Tostadas = good. Liver and onions =
  • coffee=good mood
  • Chocolate -good mood. Weird combinations(of food)-bad mood
  • Pasta, good Chinese or some good Mexican food will put me in a good mood. Chicken puts me in a bad mood because I have such a hard time cooking it correctly and it stresses me out if I under or overcook it
  • Tacos = good mood always!!
  • Fresh fruit always makes me happy. Mushrooms are always bad
  • All the foods that are bad for me automatically make me feel good (until I get on the scale). Beets are bad. Always.
  • Tiramisu. Not the weird cakes and flavored things, but like.. Olive Garden style, creamy, perfect tiramisu. That's joy. Not sure about the negative. Grapefruit and beets are rather horrible.
  • Ice Cream for me!
  • Fresh Fruit makes me happy.Trying to think of meals puts me in a bad mood.
  • Vodka = good mood.
  • good: Grilled cheese like how mum makes it. bad: instant mashed potatoes; again I like how mum makes them and I can tell when they're instant and it's off and gross. It's an affront to my nostalgia.
  • Bacon= Good mood. Anchovies=Bad mood.
  • Cheese is good mood food liver n onions is bad mood food
  • Fruit always puts me in my happy place! Heavy greasy food always makes me feel in a funk.
  • Chocolate = good and bad
  • Pizza ALWAYS puts me in a good mood.
  • Carbs good mood and then carbs bad mood lol
  • Tacos, real tacos, good mood, bad mood terrible chewy skin chicken wings, disappointment!
  • Tacos make me happy. Anything with sauerkraut will ruin my entire week.
  • I love comfort food. Mac and cheese, pot roast. But fair food is the best. Onion rings, corn dogs, elephant ears.
  • What foods put me in a good mood and what foods put me in a bad mood? Good foods are any sort of comfort food with gravy or potatoes preferably both! Foods that put me in a bad mood are anything with raisins especially when you think it's a chocolate chip cookie and you bite into it and it's freaking raisins!!

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