After Steve told a story about how his wife doesn't like public pools anymore because of him saying they are full of pee, we wanted to know what your SO has ruined for you.

What has your significant other “Ruined” for you?

  • My baby daddy ruined getting flowers for me, because he only ever brought them home to me when he did something very bad, and it was always when we were broke. Recently, my girlfriend brought home this for me, just because. It was so unexpected, and it was the first time in my life that I was able to be happy about receiving flowers.
  • Sleeping in a bed due to his snoring. I’m going on year 18 of sleeping on a couch.
  • Watching movies. He will be on his phone and constantly ask what happened. Drives me nuts.
  • My sleep lol he snores so fricken loud!!
  • Bed and sleep=snoring like a damn freight train. I see why old people have their own beds sometimes!
  • Norhing...he's truly made life better in every way ❤ oh he's a snorer, but i get my own bed in the guest room...blissful sleep and we're always happy to see each other in the morning
  • Pizza. She likes her food burned to a crisp! Lol But she is so ridiculously adorable, I will allow it. Lol
  • My ex husband ruined my trust, which I am trying to repair currently with my current bf, who makes my world better.
  • My chances of ever being happy again if anything happened to him. There will never be another that could measure up.
  • Kettle chips and croutons. He eats so loud, I can no longer buy them.
  • Trash TV. I used to watch the Bachelor and all of those silly shows, but he just sits there and makes comments about how dumb they are, so I stopped watching years ago. ‍♀️
  • Trust for my life. He's an ex
  • Just about every holiday for the last 25 yrs
  • Literally every doctor or military show we’ve ever watched (and we’ve been together for almost 15 years)
  • Pizza. He doesn't like pizza
  • Trust, 80's music, and she took my dog.
  • Every day of the year!
  • My love of riding motorcycles.
  • Spaghetti, goulash, basically anything cooked in a red sauce. Refuses to eat it
  • Sleep....snoring is out of control and so obnoxious
  • Goulash. He hates it. I grew up on it.
  • Dating!
  • My quiet time
  • Text Question of the Day: she ruined my sleep schedual
  • Vinyl planking. No more soggy carpet. But now I am stuck still going through all the rest of the basement and tossing out stuff, plus putting away all the tools and trash.. Ugh!
  • Text question of the day : my SO has ruined any movie with a car chase scene or any sort of motor vehicle chase scene. Every single time he interrupts and says "that's not the sound a mustang makes" "that's a Subaru engine sound" "that's a 2 stroke engine not a four stroke" ruins the movie everytime!!
  • My husband ruined Valentines Day! When we first married after work I went to nearby store to buy a card and a bottle of Asti, then my husband came up behind me and asked if I had any money because he left his wallet at home(he happened to go to same nearby store to get me a card) I told him I only had $10, so he says” well I’ll show you the card I was gonna get you and you show me the card you where gonna get me and let’s just get the Asti” and from this day we do not do cards for valentines day
  • Fun, my spouse has ruined fun. He is either too competitive, or just unwilling. He's so worried about looking foolish, he'd rather act like an 80 year old man in a 50 year old body. We do nothing fun together, and haven't in years. Got tired of arranging everything.
  • TQOTD. I was going to say my credit score and my husband had to be a funny guy and say his dating life.

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