Everyone has given into peer pressure at least one time in their life, so let us know when you did and whether or not you might have regretted it.

What have you done because someone put you up to it?

  • My friends and I were walking past a baseball field on the way home from a party and I got convinced to run the bases naked and slide into home. All was ok until the slide.
  • I went scuba diving even though I was terrified because my husband convinced me that it was an amazing experience. I will never do it again, but I guess it was kinda neat.
  • Drinking the fish tank water when i was 13.
  • Wasabi eating contest. There were no winners.
  • Wasn’t me but… Mid 90s we convinced a kid (9th grade) to put lighter fluid on his shoes, light it, and run so he'd look like a cartoon. It was dark. Was cool at first but then it went up his legs too.
  • Got dared to eat a ladle-full of mayonnaise. Can't eat mayo anymore without throwing up
  • I went to college because my friends were all going and convinced me to go too. I’m from a family who thinks college isn’t worth the money, but I am really enjoying it and am glad I went.
  • I shoplifted some purple blush when I was in junior high because told me too. Of course we were caught and our parents called. I was terrified. Still to this day I am afraid to put my hands in my pockets in a store!
  • I got talked into skinny dipping after a few drinks and loved it 10/10 would do again
  • I paraded around a huge bonfire shirtless and braless to compete in a wet t-shirt contest which being as hammered as I was I didn't even realize there wasn't any water involved
  • I once jumped off of a bridge. My parents always said “if your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it too?” (Mainly as a sarcastic don’t follow the crowd and do stupid things question). Well turns out the answer to that is they don’t even have to jump. They Just have to put me up to it.
  • Made balloon animals in the band room in HS.
  • Running a friend over. He said he wanted to be a stunt guy. I had a crappy old car. We dared him to get hit by a car. I was also dared to hit him. Long story short he went to the hospital and I needed a new windshield. Lucky he didn’t sue me.
  • I started working as a cam girl because my friend said it was easy money during the pandemic. I’ve paid off 2 credit cards since May lol
  • I took a picture of an ex boyfriend, he was nude in it, had enlarged to an 8 by 10 I think it was, then had it framed and delivered to his fiancée during her bridal shower. I also sent a belly dancer congratulations gram to him while he was on his ship on the same day. We were all in the Navy at the time, he was on Coronado Island and his fiancée was stationed on the same ship I was on in San Diego. My friends said I didn’t have the nerve to say anything to them about their upcoming marriage. I had the nerve

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