We all know that one of Fish's favorite games is "Name That Sound!", but he might have a new one after we play this game...  "What Hit Steve In The Face While He Was Driving!?"

After Steve picked up his daughter Charlotte from daycare, he was driving home with his windows down, just enjoying the day when BAM!  Something hit him right in the face!

So, since Fish likes "Name That Sound!" so much, let's mix the games.  This is what the thing that hit Steve in the face sounded like:

Name That Sound!

OK, now that you have heard the sound, can you guess what made it?  Scroll down to get the answer!  (Hint: It can fly)






Need another hint?  OK, it's an insect.






Keep Scrolling






If you guessed a grasshopper, you're right!  This little jerk flew into my car, hit me in the face, and then got stuck in my back seat.  Luckily Steve was almost home and took the face hit like a man and didn't flinch or swerve.

This hit Steve in the face!
This hit Steve in the face!

Steve was able to catch him and he now lives in his neighborhood.  Hopefully, he didn't leave any family behind.