Today's text question comes in two parts, one directed at women and the other directed at men.  It came about because when Connie and Fish were walking into the building, Fish made sure that he was walking on the outside of the sidewalk because that was the chivalrous thing to do.  So we went way back to the 1950s with today's #TQOTD!

Ladies: What is something that men did back in the 50’s that you wish they still did?
Men: What is something women did back in the 50’s that you wish they still did


  • It was so if a car hit a puddle and sprayed up water it would hit the man and not the lady
  • #tqotd- I wish men danced like they did in the 50's
  • Wore sexy hats....fedoras....etc.....he can leave his hat on!
  • Support their family
  • Earn a living
  • I wish they would bring home ALL the bacon so mothers could be stay-at-home moms
  • I wish they were the only breadwinner. I would love to have stayed home with the kids and have an apron and fancy dress
  • Wish men had the primary job so wives could stay home with the kids. I'm all for equality but now working women, work full time and are full-time mom's. I'm going from 4:30a-9pm. It's exhausting.
  • 39 - his excuse would be he can't be away from work and/or that I wouldn't be happy away from our girls.
  • They dressed like men. Yummmmy!👀👀👀
  • I'm a female and for the text question of the day. Well, it's courting, you don't see or hear this much. Thank God I am with a guy who believes in this. I'm pretty darn lucky cause this is rare to find.
  • TQOTD...I wish men still dressed up for like all occasions. Used to be like any occasion in the 50s was for dressing up. I mean get out there and mow the lawn in your snazzy pants, LOL!
  • I wish that men still knew how to dance
  • Sister with a brain (my name's Sarah)....a man who dresses nicely...suit and a hat.
  • Lady here! When A guy would look at a girl and know he was going to marry her. My grandfather saw my grandma across the room and told his buddies he was going to marry that girl someday. And he did. Opening doors, walking on the sidewalk and the guy pick the side closes to the road. Picking someone and not looking for someone better to come along.
  • #tqotd - I wish men still wore hats and suits to leave the house
  • Make all the money. I'd totally stay home with my son and vacuum in a dress if I could get away with it!
  • I wish guys would still pick up the girl for a date with flowers, walk up to the front door, and wear suits
  • Text question of the day...What I wish men still did...take us dancing!!
  • Manners maketh the man
  • I wish that my man was the sole breadwinner. Impossible nowadays but it would be nice to stay at home with my crazy kids. I could tell you what my husband would want... Heels and a short skirt while cleaning and a hot meal on the table as soon as he walks through the door.
  • I wish guys still let girls go first. Literally the other day I was getting in line for food at a picnic and a guy SHOVED ME OVER to get in front of me and didn't say excuse me! I know that fish would never do something like that though because he's GLORIOUS!!!
  • So I love my job and I love the accomplishment of my work but I do sometimes wish that my husband could be the breadwinner to the point that I would be able to stay home and be a homemaker and raise children but it's just not realistic financially
  • #tqotd I wish men still stood when ladies entered or exited the room.
  • Tqotd: I wish men still wore the hats with their suits..
  • Pull out your chair at your restaurant.
  • Open doors and pull out chairs!
  • I wish men would still hold the froggin' door. #flatface #thanksjackwagon
  • I wish my man would goon-arm me in public and belittle me when I don't have dinner on the table.
  • I wish men still dressed like they did back in the day. They used to look so dang sharp!
  • Yesssss all of the 50's minus the lack of women's rights
  • Amen to men be in the breadwinner, the modern-day working mom literally goes sunup to sundown
  • Dressed in the nice suits
  • I wish men opened doors, courted women formally, asked permission to court, danced
  • Open doors for women
  • Hey guys! 2 things: they opened my door and they groomed!! 😃
  • Men wearing suits more!! 😍😍
  • I wish men still taught sons to be men and not little bitches
  • Miss Red from Byron Center... I REALLY wish men still dressed in those AWESOME suits with top hats and overcoats
  • I miss chivalry...and men that could hold their liquor!!!
  • FIX stuff, omg my husband is the LEAST handyman I've ever known. I plumbed my bathroom 8 months pregnant by watching YouTube, pick up a tool!!!
  • Really plan a date to go on instead of whim it and it takes forever to decide over where to go once you've already left the house
  • #TQOTD This is a hard one because women were so inferior! How about just as simple as open the door when you see a woman coming if you're by it or with her.
    Men in the 50s... pump my gas!!!
  • Something I wish men did today that they did in the 1950's is to wear pants that fit. I can't stand the baggie pants with the underwear hanging out. I seriously want to walk up and pants them!
  • Carry handkerchiefs- my dad explained it is mainly in case a woman needs it... awe!


  • I wish BOTH genders would go back to dressing for the occasion. Enough of the yoga pants and athletic shorts everywhere you go!
  • Hey, guys, it's ZEN here. I wish women still dressed the same as they did in the 50's.........SEXY AHHAHA
  • something I wish women would still do what they did in the 50s is not play on the internet all day example play on Facebook on their smartphone and ignore their children lol
  • I texted yesterday but missed the window!  I'm 24, and something I wish my lady did what women used to do is brag on me. Sometimes I wish she would talk me up in front of others instead of make me look like a goober. Or that she would include me in decisions and value my advice
  • #tqotd I wish everyone had some frogging self-respect. It seems like that's lost on younger generations. That goes for women and men.
  • The thing that I wish women did more that they did in the past was... Wear dresses more. my wife has a Kickin body and I love seeing her in a dress and she just doesn't have occasion to wear one that often
  • Drink, pipe, slippers and dinner when I come through the door....
  • I wish women still dressed like the way they did back then😁
  • That women Would bring us a ham sandwich, and a beer Open. Just kidding. Women are and always have been great,!
  • I'm not a guy but I am a lesbian so I'm gonna talk about ladies. I always wished we still dressed traditionally like that. The makeup and dresses are so pretty and I'd kill for that look more often
  • I wish women would cook like they did in the 50s that was a lot of food #mensview
  • I wish women would silently control the zipper from behind clothes doors like before instead of publicly like they do now
  • I ain't afraid, wish my lady would get me a drink when I want one.
  • Male - they used to cook, need me a delicious sandwich
  • I don't know if this was from back in the day but I just want to be spanked!
    Anonymous, i wish women still had that big ol'e 50's bush kinda like the 70's but was prolly bigger in the 50's LOL, that's what my grandpa liked, a big bush !!! Lol