Today's Text Question of the Day could be something super serious like quitting smoking, or it could be super fun like quitting being a bouche.

What is something you gave up doing? And why?

  • Keeping my High School figure. Lost it after I had a kid at 20 and have been trying to find it for 29 years. I GIVE UP!!!! WHY?? I like food too much ‍♀️
  • Dating. I just wasn't meeting the kind of guy I was looking for and after being single for around 10 years now, i figured the odds of finding that guy were just getting slimmer every day so I'm done looking. God/fate/the universe/whatever will just have to basically drop him in my lap at this point lol
  • On June 18 will be 7 years since I have had a drink. I almost lost the job I have had since I was 21. I am 44 now. By far the best decision I have EVER made.
  • Drinking. I don’t have a tolerance for it and it’s expensive.
  • Having my nails done and my hair professionally done to help save money when we were in a tight spot.
  • Sniffing glue... It won’t keep my family together.
  • Smoking so I can live to see my great great grandkids.
  • I gave up drinking on January 27, 2012. My mom passed away in 2010 and took care of my grieving my drinking. The only time I wasn’t drinking was when I was working. In the process of my drinking I had 3 mini strokes with the first one being the worse. After my third one the dr told me that if I didn’t quit drinking I was going to die! Yes I miss my mom immensely but I wasn’t ready to see her! Been sober for 8 years now. Can’t even stand the smell of alcohol!
  • Negative people i my life. They are to toxic. I would rather spread love.
  • I gave up painting. I used to be very artistic and make acrylic and oil paintings for friends and family for gifts and to hang in my house. But now I have 2 small children and I just don't have time.
  • I gave up house plants because they always seem to get really dry and not grow anymore maybe I should take up different kinds of cactus
  • I gave up roller derby. I had knee surgery and a hysterectomy and just was not the same afterwords.
  • Trying to please everyone more. I am happy.
  • Writing, not enough hours in the day for a lot of extras and most of the time when I do get a moment to relax its usually spent doing stuff with my kids
  • Traveling, no money. It all goes to the kids along with all my time.
  • drinking pop. Why? So bad for me. Totally worth it, I feel so much better. LaCroix rocks! ☺️
  • Smoking 3packs(I loved smoking) a day, so I can breath.Working ,so I could raise my 2 boys.
  • Pop of any kind. Been 1 month. 2 yrs ago was diagnosed type 2 diabetic and stopped regular pop that day and now zero pop at all.
  • Doing painting and or drawing. I lost the love for it.
  • Keeping my house clean, with 9 people, it's impossible.
  • Making specialty cakes. Arthritis in my hands makes the detail work too difficult.
  • Being in love.... it just hurts loving someone
  • Going to the casino because there is a pandemic.
  • Eating sugar - kicked cancer for good!!
  • I gave up playing the piano , took lessons for 9 years growing up. Got married and didnt have money for my own piano. My second husband has heard me talking about a piano for the past 20 years and surprised me with a Yamaha digital piano for my birthday this year. Best gift ever!!!! I try to practice everyday and with the stay at home I got in a lot of practice.
  • Real pants. They are so 2019. #BasketBallShorts4Life
  • Playing the piano because I don’t have time.
  • Quit smoking, 7 years now... obvious reasons! Lol health!
  • Going to work every day because I retired. 42 1/2 years at same job right before covid.
  • Spelling
  • I have up playing the violin. Played ages 3-22 and only enjoyed it when I joined an orchestra at age 14 (to age 22). It was my mom’s dream for me, not mine. I also gave up trying to make her happy. Some people are just NEVER happy. I focus on my own happiness instead.
  • I gave up drinking pop, I was trying to loose weight...I went from drinking two 12 packs a week...of Mt Dew to nothing....still don’t drink pop to this day
  • suck
  • I gave up eating fast food, and yes it was to lose weight... buttttt I continue to not eat it because I can totally tell the difference in how I feel. Every now and then I'll go get me a whopper, and I'll feel like poo the next day
  • I gave up smoking. My bf now my hubby did not like the smell and I didn't realize how bad it was til after I quit....btw been 5 years and did it cold turkey after 30 years of the nasty habit
  • I gave up buying baseball cards. I used to make a lot of money reselling the good cards i didn't want, but the unsellable ones like no name Tigers just pile up and get everywhere
  • I gave up getting my nails done. One because of Covid but I'm going to continue skipping it because I'm trying to save money to buy a house!!
  • TQOTD. I gave up running. I used to be in amazing shape but I kept getting hurt and I don't need the mental escape now that I did then.
  • TQOTD: gave up the desire I had in junior high to be popular. Probably would've been too much attention for me anyhow. Since then, the friends I had wished for found me
  • #tqotd I gave up masterbation because I got married and now my wife and I have balloon animals and there's no need #hamburger #internsteve
  • I gave up on my best friend. We used to be very close but over the years she got into hard drugs. I tried to help her but realized you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help. I was a new mom so I had to let go because I didn’t want her bringing the drugs around my daughter.
  • Connie and fish, I have given up on trying to please certain family members. All my life I have been compared to my brothers because there both successful with families etc. I have had a certain few family members that have never fully excepted who I am. Well I'm almost 40 now and I hit a wall with my toxic family members a couple years ago. Finally I threw up my hands and said if you dont love me for me than screw off. Stop treating people on how much money they have, and treat them for the people they are. That's my vent for the day. Love you guys, keep making people laugh.
  • Balloon animals bc I am married.. Fish will like that one
  • I gave up watching the news 3 months ago because all the negativity gave me anxiety. I have been much happier, and in the age of the internet, I can find anything I want or need to know at any time.

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