Stop doing that thing.  Or don't, we aren't your parents.  But seriously, what is something that you really should stop doing?

What is something you think you should stop doing and why?

  • TQOTD: My "phoning" I'm on my phone soooooo much some days. I have OCD and I swear checking my phone every 5 mins has become part of the obsession of my OCD. I get annoyed with myself.
  • TQOTD: I should stop seeing my boyfriend of 4 yrs because it is not a healthy relationship, but I can't seem to bring myself to walk away. I keep giving him chance after chance but things never seem to change.
  • ? Of the day....Apparently it's making my bed I don't like bugs
  • I should really stop complaining about how needy my mom is as she is my mom and I should be more grateful that she is still here with us
  • For the text question of the day I need to Stop eating carbs I am borderline diabetic but I absolutely love pasta and bread and potatoes and some sweets it’s very very hard for me to go through a day without eating bread or something
  • I need to stop going on so many vacations because people are going to start thinking I have money
  • I have to stop eating before I go to bed, I get acid reflux so bad. Sometimes I wake up choking on the acid and it burns. But I work 14 hrs a day so by the time I get home I only have about two or so hours before I have to go back to bed!!!
  • Smoking because my uncle just passed away from lung cancer and my dad has terminal cancer. I have 2 children and I don’t want them to ever experience losing me at a young age!
  • Snacking all day at work soon there will be a special "Doctor Phil tries to save 5,000 pound woman, cuts her out of office cubicle"
  • Eating so much sugar. I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s just making my dentist richer.
  • Complaining. Work is super overwhelming right now for everyone and dwelling on it isn't making it better for any of us.
  • Smoking. Cause I did stop but then I started again. Eating so much, starting to get a belly. Um, being grumpy all the time. My son calls me momma grumps
  • Getting strung along by guys for two weeks then realizing they were ghosting me from the start..
  • Eating unhealthy not exercising...because both are unhealthy for me
  • Stop binging Netflix at night. 5:40 comes way to early when staying up late to watch Netflix. 6 hours of sleep is not enough for me.
  • Procrastinating..."later" rarely happens.
  • I need to stop letting negativity get to me
  • Working ... It makes me so tired
  • TQOTD. I should stop being afraid to look for a better paying job
  • I need to stop over-committing myself because I end up burning myself out. It all sounds like such a good idea until I'm crazy stressed trying to get it all done.
  • ? Of da day agian.... need to quit reading someone who is always posting negative thoughts on FB. I deal with depression ,it's hard for me . Iam gonna I unfallow them from now on. 2 or3 years of that crap is enough ! Hamburger
  • #tqotd I need to stop taking my health for granted! I need to stop making excuses and eat better and stay up to date on visits to the doctor, etc. A close second? Spending money that I should be saving and/or getting debts paid off!
  • I have adult children. A lot of girls. 2 with children. I need to stop enabling them by picking up the slack that they get frustrated with. I had a heart attack 9 months ago. Made me wonder if they could handle problems if I'm gone. I am now worried about it..‍♀️
  • Sucking my thumb to go to sleep I've done it my whole life and I've tried many ways to stop but I just can't I do it in my sleep not even knowing I'm doing it
  • I need to stop dating. Countless failed short relationships, currently in my fourth failing serious relationship. Just turned 40, divorced, I am learning that I am not really ready for a relationship, and unfortunately I just realize that 4 1/2 years into my current relationship. I need to stop doing this to myself and point my energy down a different path in life, away from romance. It's obviously not working for me.
  • I need to stop lying to my coworker. I told him that there were cupcakes in the break room for a retirement party. There was no cupcakes and no retirement party. He found that out after he searched the whole building and asked 4 other coworkers where are the cupcakes?
  • I need to Stop cheating with my "man" or I guess her man.... 35 years later I should probably walk away. But the sex is AMAZING!!!