We all fight with our husbands, wives, sig-others, etc.  Hopefully, not in public (that's the WORST).  But sometimes, there is a fight that is SOOOO memorable, it lives on forEVA in infamy.  This brought us to our Text Question of the Day today - "What was the most memorable fight that you ever had with your partner?"

What Is The Most Memorable Fight You Ever Had With Your Significant Other?

  • I don't have a significant other I never have but just to feel loved sometimes I'll argue with myself
  • My significant other got mad because my mom opened a loaf of bread he bought
  • My wife and I had a huge fight about a spatula when we first got married
  • Fiancé at the time (now husband) slammed a cup of juice down it sprayed everywhere. I was yelling louder until we both realized I had a drop of juice hanging from the tip of my nose and it was wiggling as I yelled but wasn't falling. We both started cracking up. When moments before we were calling the engagement quits.
  • Most memorable fight: Two weeks ago, got in fight with husband outside Lowell Speedway. I charged him, he took me down in a headlock, witnesses said he punched me in the head over and over, cops, jail, blah, blah, blah. Lol I wanted a divorce for a while anyway. Not our most violent fight, by far, but most memorable now!
  • Most memorable fights my husband and I had was over who was the captain of the Detroit Red Wings
  • Most memorable fight - coming home from Disney world early and finding his "girlfriend" living in MY house. Beat his A$$
  • We almost broke up over a salad. She wanted a colorful salad and I wanted a Caesar salad. It was literally a screaming match. We are married now and laugh about it all the time
  • Only fight I've ever had with my fiance was I got home from work around 8:30 and was starving. The only thing I wanted was a CHIMICHANGA. Went to the freezer and it wasn't there. She told she brought to lunch that day. I just stormed out of the house and went to McDonald's. Came home and gave her a McFlurry and said sorry.
  • TQotD: Ice Cube Trays - My now husband doesn't fill up the ice cube trays high enough to get the ice cubes out without tipping the tray upside down. One day I lost it on him, and he got the look that he gets when I'm being crazy because of my period so I shouted, "This is not because I'm on my period, because I'm NOT!" Not five minutes later it started. To this day he still brings it up.
  • My most memorable fight with my husband was when we were trying to buy a winter beater car we were thinking around $500 and he calls me and says hey I found a car for 300 bucks I said sweet go ahead and get it he brought home a gas powered RC car I told him I hope that will drive his fat ass to work
  • I don't have a significant other at the moment. But I fought with my favorite bartender about why she took food off my bill after I ate half of it. It wasn't bad I just didn't like it that day.
  • My late husband woke up one morning mad as hell! He had a dream that I cheated on him with his best friend! OMG!
  • #tqotd - My husband and I fight when I "or" him. I make a suggestion for something and then I add ..or we could do,buy,have..this.. We've been married 22 years today and its still a thing!
  • My ex spouse and i got into a huge argument over cleaning sponges....FYI it is not okay to use the same sponge you clean surfaces with to wash dishes, and def not okay to use the sponge on the floor and then wash dishes# (not why he is my ex, we had other issues that lead to our seperation)
  • We got in a fight when we first started dating because I asked my husband to order Domino's cheesy bread and he ordered breadsticks. I told him he was a "rookie Domino's orderer, and never ordering for me again." It's a constant running joke in our relationship now.
  • We were fighting about him not wanting to fight but sleep instead because he had to wake up early. I ended up breaking the door from trying to slam it really hard. Apparently I did
  • This Almost caused a divorce between us- my husband took our oldest to get his hair cut and just any hair cut, a high top hair cut! This was his very fir st haircut! Goodbye curls! Did I mention I was not there...... but he told me that he took pictures and then he handed me a baggie filled with my sons curls!!!! I was so pissed! I guess that should have told me the future..... He is now a Marine. So proud of him!
  • We fought because in a conversation where he recounted an argument I said that he misinterpreted and overreacted to another person. We fought when we got back to a 400 square-foot house which was comical because when I stormed away to take deep breaths he could hear me in the bathroom 5 feet away. There was nowhere to run and hide so we just had to resolve the conflict.
  • Our first fight was about the fact I wouldn't make kool aid for him
  • My most memorable fight was with my husband when his boss called him at 8pm at night. He talked to her for over an hour while he was supposed to be putting our son to bed. When I checked on him, he was laughing and joking with her in the dark of our sons room while he was leafing through our sons bookshelf. I kissed him and told him I was going to bed loud enough for her to hear me through the phone. I waited in bed to see how much longer he would talk to her and when he came into bed 15 minutes later we had a huge fight about it. I was also 3 months pregnant at the time.
  • Most memorable fight me and the hubby got into was, He did the laundry he got the kids clothes all mixed up and the kids got mad at me and the hubby didn't take the time to sort the laundry and our whites were red pink and the boys had red/pink under draws and the boys were giving their under draws to the ir sister. Boys ended up with no draws never again Did he do laundry
  • My ex and I were grocery shopping at meijer, trying to decide between rice a roni and couscous. After minutes of arguing, I threw the box of couscous on the ground, and stormed away. Needless to say, we ended up getting the rice a roni, which was my choice. Still kind of embarrassed about that one.
  • I had a really bad fight with my boyfriend on a drive from Chicago to GR. 3 hours of arguing and hitting the rumble strip more than I care to admit.
  • My most memorable fight with my husband was when he came over and told me that he had joined the Army, a week after we had mailed out our wedding invitations. Here we are almost 35 years later.
  • When me and my ex were together we argued about me finding my friend sleeping on my then husband..both of them said I was making it up. It took hers and my son saying something for them to believe it..
    Most memorable fight... My ex told me he was happy my mom died. Hense the fact he's an EX
  • First time I THOUGHT my husband was drunk (obviously he wasn't) he was taking medication for a gout attack. The day before there was a full bottle of meds next day bottle was empty. He had placed pills in a different bottle that i did not know about. He was acting weird after being out with his cousin who is a drinker so i thought he was drunk and had meds in his system so i called 911 and they actually pumped my husbands gut (gave him liquid charcoal) incase he did overdose accidentally. He is always so sarcastic and when i asked where all the pills went he said he put them in a different bottle but I didn't believe him so he got fed up with me and said "what do u think i did with them? He has never been so sarcastic with me since. He was not drunk or taking any meds so he was pumped for no reason.