Did your ex take something from you when you broke up? Or maybe you forgot your favorite hoodie at their house and don't have the stones to ask for it back. Let us know what item your ex still has for today's #TQOTD.

What item does your ex have that you still miss???

  • What do you miss that your ex still has....
  • My virginity.
  • I genuinely can't think of a single thing because I was the one buying everything and I have never lived with anyone besides my current partner. I just had to throw a few items out and poof, it's like they never existed.
  • The love of my life, a 5 year old pitbull boxer mix. I had to leave her because he had a stable living place. I miss her like crazy tho.
  • Nothing! I took everything I wanted when I left
  • The car my mother helped us pay for.
  • My engagement/wedding band set.
  • Not a dam thing!!!
  • My sanity I still miss it
  • My car!
  • He took my shower head and the can open. I've obviously replaced these items but damn, well played.
  • My sanity.
  • The video of our son’s birth, (nothing gross) although I’ve been asking for a copy, or make a copy from the high-8 tape for many, many years. It was my video camera. My son is 18 now. I’m sure it’s been destroyed by ex husband or his wife by now. I wanted to give it to my son to have to show his children and grands someday.
  • Nothing. Thats why there an ex. Peace
  • The Apple ID with all the pictures for first 6-8 years of my kids lives
  • All of my Jack skellington stuff. I had the reversible hoodie. A pumpkin king t-shirt. Jack action figure. And a Sally one.
  • My Christmas ornaments from when I was little, pretty sure he tossed them
  • The house I paid for
  • My heart.
  • All of my camping equipment and tent. He took it and used it once and then pawned it all and when I asked for it back he said sorry I needed the money.
  • Crockpot fry daddy all in one.....
  • My patience
  • My class ring..refused to give it back
  • My things
  • My pug.....I miss him
  • My grandmother's pie pan
  • My scentsy burners!!! Jerk!!!
  • My ex burned a bunch of high school memory items I had left after I moved out. We had been on pretty good terms but he found out I was seeing someone new and got pissed. Life lesson: get everything that's important to you out as soon as you can.
  • Not a thing!
  • Ice maker
  • His family mostly.
  • My ex kept the kitchen aid stand up mixer. So wish I would have taken it when I had the chance
  • TQOTD- My beagle Riley. She is my baby and he refuses to give her to me.
  • I really never gave anything worth missing to my ex's or did they have anything that I wanted. I will say one of them I missed the group of people they hung around.
  • My dad’s antique bamboo fishing rod willed to him from my uncle
  • My ex gave away my cat. My cat was outside when I was moving out. When I returned for the last load and to find my cat, he text me and told me he gave my cat away and wouldn’t tell me who he gave it to. He is the WORST!! Made me and my daughter cry.
  • My grandma gave me these amazing topographic maps of Washington state that are super old last time I saw her (May 2019)My ex took them in her suitcase cause she had room and still hasn't given them back. I can forgive her "losing" the rest of my shit in the mail, but the maps were a gift from family I rarely see
  • Heya fish, the item my ex has that I miss is the awesome unending patients I had before meeting her now I can be like dynamite with a short fuse
  • Something I miss from a past relationship... My dog.
  • My dog and golf clubs
  • My ex still has a pair of costume angel wings that he bought for me but then ended up keeping them
  • My husbands ex took all of his homemade family Christmas ornaments that are passed down to the next generation and to this day will not give them back.. Grinch!
  • A specific picture we took together... never do that

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