My friend “Jake the Trainer” has been like a little brother to me for over 10 years. We would be what you call “besties” for sure. He and I were doing the facetime thing the other day and I noticed that he looks like he should be running a gym and that is what he actually does. So I asked him if I had the look of someone that does Radio. He said I seemed more like a male model (he didn’t say that … GOOD LORD!!!). So today, Click of 6 we ask you this …

What job do you look like you should be doing?

  • Cook
  • Fitness instructor
  • Hitwoman lol
  • Beer tester. Quality control is everything.
  • Telemarketer
  • Artist or someone who works at Hot Topic.
  • Talking on a sex line
  • Before model for Just For Men
  • Dunkin Donuts taste tester.
  • Medical assistant
  • A roadie for Slipknot or Korn
  • Yours! (radio dj)
  • Zoo keeper
  • The job I really do is locating underground utilities but with my very bright yellow/orange safety vest and tall muck boots I look like I might be a garbage collector or maybe even a porta john cleaner with my talk S & kickers. Lol
  • I do MRI authorizations and check patients in and out for their MRIs. I have to wear scrubs, so I would think outside of work people may think I am a nurse due to the scrubs
  • Phone sex operator
  • Lunch lady.
  • Security. My face is terrifying.
  • Baker , I have the calories on my buns.
  • Any "before " in a before and after pic.
  • Cute Girl driving around in a really fast sports car! Somebody has got to do it!
  • Trophy Wife
  • I was told by my brother in law that I look like I should be selling all natural organic feminine products on the side of the road by a university campus.

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