It’s not “in these times” or “because of the pandemic you should do this” type stuff. Boosting someone's self-esteem is something I feel we should do if the timing is right. Someone walked up to Christine the other day and complimented her outfit and it made her day. Steve loves when someone falls in love with his cooking and I … well I am easy. Tell me I’ve lost weight (if it makes sense) or thanks for the great advice or smiles. Click of 6 … you guys did a great job today:

What little thing can someone do that will boost your self-esteem?

  • All someone has to do to boost my confidence is compliment my eyebrows. I’m obsessed with peoples eyebrows and had mine micro bladed so I get excited when someone mentions them
  • Compliment my gardening or artwork I've created or compliment when I get my hair done
  • Understand that I don’t like Tacos and not be rude about it.
  • After I clean their house, tell me it looks good.
  • Compliment my nail polish
  • A kind word or a smile.
  • Give me a compliment on something I'm wearing or how I handle situations.
  • My love language is words of affirmation, so reassuring me that I am a good person who they appreciate makes me feel good. I had a friend yesterday who I was talking to about my anxiety during pregnancy & she said "You’re winning this game and you’re so much stronger than you see" & I cried cause it made me feel so good ♥️
  • These days...just be nice.
  • Tell me how impressed they are with something I did.
  • Encouragement from people I look up to and acceptance by those who matter to me the most
  • Truly, anything that compliments what I have going on at the moment. I loaded my kayak on top of my car multiple times this weekend and a male neighbor to where I was staying gave me a shout-out this AM. Unloaded at home, I was told, well, this was pretty well thought out and snug.
  • Tell me what a nice family I have.
  • Call me and say " hey I have been thinking about you. How are you? Let's talk.”
  • Be appreciative!
  • Talks about God, that he loves me
  • Laugh at my sense of humor
  • Not to expect anything from me❤️‍ just my company and a beverage. Sit and relax small talk no talk long talk whatever the mood may be just the companyJust a good day with no expectations. I am supposed to be everyone’s caregiver, so it’s nice every once in a while to have no expectations on either side
  • Tell me I'm doing a good job.
  • Compliment my child
  • Tell me I’m helpful
  • Acknowledgement is Always Beneficial!! ("Thank You for ......")
  • A hug
  • It's a huge confidence booster and makes me feel great when someone recognizes and compliments me on work that I've done
  • Long ago, I learned that I am the only one who decides how I feel. No one can make me feel a certain way. Since then, my life has been much happier.
  • Just be kind
  • I LOVE it when someone tells me I'm funny. Who doesn't like to make others laugh?
  • Just when I get a good vibe from someone. Like no matter how long...minute, hour..whatever, they take time to have a nice conversation.
  • Let me know that I am appreciated. With everything going on in today's world, just hearing the words "I appreciate you" can be so powerful. I make sure to go out of my way to tell people who help me that exact phrase. If it lifts me up to hear it, I hope it does to them too.
  • Give me money
  • Random compliments at work... let's me know that all of my hard work doesn't go unnoticed
  • Buy me tacos and tell me I'm pretty

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