Grab that hot dress, put on your tux, or get those matching bra and panties, because it's time to get sexy for the Text Question of the Day.

What makes you feel sexy?

  • Pushups during a workout when I have extra energy. Sometimes I feel like a machine!
  • NOT looking in the mirror.
  • I feel sexy when I'm which I'm not so much right now. Gotta get going in that
  • TQOD: a great fitting pair of jeans and cute shoes make me feel sex-say
  • I feel most sexy in a pair of dark blue jeans, a black band t shirt, and my converse....dont get me wrong, i rock lingerie every time and dresses and such, but this one particular outfit makes my confidence soar!!!!
  • Text question of the day: Working out. Well, the feeling after I've worked out. Until I see a mirror and realize why I was working out. :D
  • When I catch someone checking me out
  • Manual labor, sweating while doing so.
  • I take pole dancing classes and that definitely helps.
  • The mirror, ka,chow! Actually, a successful summer haircut.
  • When I'm making balloon animals with my fiancé.
  • I'm a not unattractive/fit guy and I can count the amount of times I've felt sexy in my life on one hand. Usually when a woman expressed some sort of desire to see me naked.
  • I got drunk and started dancing on a stage at a bar in Chicago. There was a bachelorette party and they started sticking money in my pants. Made more than my hourly wage at my engineering job. Felt pretty good about myself
  • Dressing well. I love being dressed to the nines, with fitted shirts, a tailored suit, and a pair of nice shoes.
  • Exercising, taking a shower and checking out my muscles.
  • When I catch guys checking out the butt.
  • Nice bra and underwear, bonus points if they're a matching set.
  • When someone comes up to me and says "Dayum! U sexy"
  • A good workout. Making people laugh. These two things are not related.
  • It has been so long I dont even remember anymore.
  • Sometimes I look at my boobs and say "oh yea, he will love these." about no one in particular.
  • When a man is hitting on me and I smile and walk away... I feel the sexiest in that moment
  • Freshly shaven legs, a great hair day without any work, scented body talc and the soundtrack to the film Love Jones.
  • Short dress, painted nails, good hair, heels. That sort of thing.
  • Standing in front of the mirror after a shower with just a towel covering my naughty bits
  • When Daddy tells me what to wear when we go out. Know whatever he picks is because it looks the best to him :)
  • When my fiance feels my sides up and down and tells me I'm beautiful
  • Matching bra and panties.
  • Wearing nice clothes.
  • Having wet hair. I get out of the shower and see myself in the mirror and think, "looking good today." Then I dry my hair and I think "you're fuzzy and disheveled"
  • Clothes that fit on a good-hair day.
  • Wearing suits. I have a couple very nice ones, but I rarely have an occasion to wear them..
  • TQOTD. I told my husband I couldn't think of anything. Sexy just isn't an emotion I feel. I'm awkward and goofy.
  • Jumping my horse makes me feel sexy
  • My Big panties
  • TQOTD- people watching at Walmart makes me feel super sexy!!!
  • Using coochy shave cream from pure romance to shave my legs & follow up with body dew omg SUCH soft legs
  • Off-the-shoulder tops make me feel sexy. I was a ballet dancer so I have a great d colletage
  • I feel sexy in a great pair of yoga pants. I have an awesome booty.
  • Tqotd: Wearing a matching bra and undies! Nothing makes me feel more like a lady with a naughty sexy secret.
  • I feel the sexiest when I lay on my back and all my fat and extra skin disappears

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