On the heels of Ashley accepting J.P.'s marriage proposal on The Bachelorette Monday night ... I stumbled upon a poll taken by AskMen.com about what men think of the institution of marriage

70%  said they support taking vows with the woman of their dreams and do plan on getting married someday.  The other 30% either said it's not for them or that they don't believe in making a commitment with another.

About a third of the guys polled say they will stop dating someone who doesn't have 'wife potential!'   While nearly half said that they don't always date with marriage in mind. 

Finally, AskMen.com asked whether or not prenups are important or not and 67% said 'no.'   Just under a quarter of the guys said, 'maybe,' while the remaining 9% said prenups are 'very important.'

Now you know what men are thinking -- how do you feel, Channel 957 ladies?