School is back in session and it's time to tell us why you got in trouble... or why your kid got in trouble. Either way, just tell us the story of how you ended up in the principal's office.

What put in the principal's office?

  • I walked out of my social studies class in high school because the teacher is so senile He was teaching the same thing for the third day in a row and I wasn't going to waste my time
  • My son sprayed fart spray in the hallways which sent the janitors looking for a sewer issue. So he got in a little trouble for that!
  • I got sent to the principals office for initiating gang riots in mt. Pleasant in 1999 there were no gangs and i definitely am not gangsta
  • When I was in elementary school I flashed my junk to some girls on the playground.
  • I used to call myself into school all the time pretending to be my mother one time I was actually sick and she called me in and they thought that it was me impersonating her ...when in fact it was actually her because it was always me The Times before... I didn't get in trouble at school because it was actually her who called but I got in trouble with her and when she found out how many times I called myself in
  • TQOTD: I was in early grade school, and school had a rule that kids weren't allowed to go between the school buses. One day I dropped my bouncy ball between them, and I checked to make sure there wasn't a driver in the bus and quick dashed in to grab it. I was seen and got called into the principles office. I was terrified cause it was the end of the day and I thought I'd miss my bus ride home.
  • I forged my dad's signature to get out of gym class multiple times.
  • Pranking staff members. Teacher Life. Im basically in there everyday.
  • I was given detention only once in my life and that because I skipped a class to write a paper for my following class. Beyond that I was a wallflower type of kid.
  • My Junior year a bunch of us stole the Biology teachers Book with all the answers for tests and such. We cut out letters from magazines and papers and made a ransom note. Yeah, one little snitch ruined it all. This was in Montgomery, Al, Robert E. Lee High School. 12th grade i moved to Aurora, Colorado and on a field trip we mooned other buses from other schools. Could of been a Guiness record so many full moons shining at once. No worries, I graduated and went into the USAF.
  • My insulin pump. Twice. The vice principal was upset that I was wearing a pager. I had to remind him TWICE that it was in fact my insulin pump and keeping me alive.
  • I am super super susceptible to nose bleeds and the first year we moved up here it got really bad because of the cold dry air. I was in the fourth grade and asked to be excused in class. I went to the bathroom, sneezed blew my nose into a paper towel and started GUSHING! After 20 minutes the teacher sent someone to look for me thinking I had snuck off. I was still in the bathroom trying to stop the bleeding, gal RAN back told the teacher and then ran back to tell me to go sit in the office and the staff there would take care of me, ended up having to snag tissues from the principal's office and sat there and bled for like another 30 minutes.
  • When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I was called in to the principals office because I was wearing red mittens in the winter. He thought I was wearing boxing gloves and was afraid I was going to start fighting other kids.
  • I made my best friend laugh so hard she fell out of her chair and off we went to get a spanking with the paddle!!! And then the referral slip came in the mail .. we tore it up and threw it in the middle of the street we lived on .. and they call me Mary Poppins
  • Smoking in the bathroom. It gets cold in Wisconsin in winter! Go Stoughton Vikings! Just wanted to add this was in the 70s. We had an outdoor smoking area at the time.
  • Going thru the lunch food line twice, all the time. Pulled up my hoodie thinking they wouldn't notice. It worked for awhile, then busted. The double chocolate milks were the Bomb !!!!
  • I pushed a boy off the monkey bars in first grade and he broke his arm
  • I told a teacher to shut up. She wouldn't stop talking.
  • In 2nd grade a boy wouldn't let me have the swing I wanted so I punched him in the nose. The nuns didn't think that was very appropriate, but my dad said, "That's my girl!"
  • Nothing but I did get in trouble with my 2nd grade teacher for saying the root word of peanuts was pee and laughing my head off about it.
  • I use to be an in-house suspension teacher. The kids would tell their teachers to F off a lot.
  • I hit a classmate in the arm and made him cry. What else was I supposed to do when someone calls you fat?
  • Falling asleep in History. It was right after.lunch and holy Jesus... monotone... boring
  • I was in once. I was on speed dial from the school for my son.
  • SWB: Beating up boys
  • Smoking in the girls bathroom. She stood on top of the toilet and looked over the stall when she cleared her throat I accidentally blew it in her face. Boy was she upset. 2 weeks off.
  • I used to fight kids all the time in kindergarten. I would have lunch with the principal nearly every day. She was a nice lady, and I always enjoyed adults more than kids my age. I would wonder if it was on purpose, but honestly a horrible bitch as a kid.
  • When in 6th grade a boy called me Polock (my maiden name was pollock like the fish) so I shoved him into the lockers and was threatening to punch him in the face when the principal came along and not only was I busted for that I was also in the hall w/o a pass. Double whammy
  • One day when my son was in elementary school the school called me over to see if it was safe for him to be at school because the little stinker said he had swelling on the brain and was at the hospital all night!! I said his brains fine but I can't promise anything about his butt tomorrow LOL
  • Kindergarten: Cindy and I got into a paint fight. We were sent home with our smocks and told we had to wash them ourselves
  • In kindergarten I got sent to the principals office and suspended after multiple offenses of tying the teachers shoes together during circle time
  • I’ll keep this simple, Senior year- Principles Office Me and a few others super glued all the locks on the second floor in our high school (Union High) Best Senior Prank School was shut down for a day to replace locksDenied all plausible accusations, cameras were installed the following week.
  • TQOTD-I got called to the principals office my junior year. Some friends and I put some dryer sheets in a toilet paper roll and smoked some weed and a senior tattled because she heard a lighter flicking. I was scared as crap!!! Didn't get caught though!!! What that senior didn't know is that my parents were close with my principal. Hahaha tattle butt!!!!
  • Got mad because a dude stole my crayon in 2nd grade... So I cut off his rat tail. Prob the most b.a. I've ever been.
  • when I was in high school i was part of the group that did the morning announcements. towards the end of the year when students are picking out classes for the following year, we have to make “commercials” for different classes. i made one for AP Anatomy and Physiology, and used old footage of students doing the cat dissections and i voiced over sad like cat meows every time the cats moved on the video. kids said it was traumatizing and a few left school for the day. i was dying laughing but i almost got kicked out of school
  • I told a girl in 7that grade she looked like a slut. They called us both into the principles office. She asked me why I said that. My response was, have you seen what shes wearing? Tube top, short skirt, heels, wayyyyyy too much makeup and gawdy jewelry. The principle said, yeah, you're right. They made her parents bring her different clothes

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