Christine was talking to me about her weird obsession with cleaning the other day. She apparently had a messy bathroom and decided to spend 2 HOURS on cleaning it. She said that it gave her a tingle in her pringle and I said …. TQOTD!!!

What silly thing do you get joy out of?

  • Crop dusting at work.
  • Watching my husband play dinosaurs with my 3 year old son every night. They tuck their arms in and stomp around the house
  • #TQOTD: I get joy out of looking at pictures of dogs and petting every single one I meet in public. I’m obsessed with them. Fingers crossed my fiancé agrees to get one soon now that we own a house
  • Bargain hunting and early shopping for Christmas, I start a few days after it ends!
  • I get joy out of making people uncomfortable.
  • I get great joy ripping one right on my hubby in bed
  • Cleveland's laugh from the Cleveland Show.
  • I’m still all over that bubble wrap when it comes as packaging.
  • Watching my dog “husky talk.” He’s hilarious!
  • Singing in the rain…
  • My cats. They are hilarious.
  • Baking cookies and sending them out to friends,
  • Hubby...scratching the inside of his ear with the cap of an ink pen. Me: eating Circus Peanut candy because of the texture.
  • My 14 month old daughter mimicking how to read a book and how to talk on the phone
  • My fridge of art that my mother-in-law has sent us. She's in an assisted living home and it's been so terrible how lonely they've all been, so it gives me joy to see that she's doing something that brings her a little joy. And she usually sends them with silly, cute notes, which I love.
  • Fold sheets before I put them on the bed. I love the crease down the center of the bed!
  • Watching Lawrence Welk with my mom on Saturday nights
  • Watching our young cat zoom around.
  • Curling my hair
  • Watching the squirrels that we feed on our deck. Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel Oh and our new Raccoon, Randy that has joined our deck family
  • Legos and collecting Potatoheads.
  • Watching plants pop up in the spring.
  • Dancing in my car
  • Rock hunting
  • While driving, turning the radio up, and singing my ass off!
  • Baby Cows! I pull over to watch them
  • Finding some product at the store I can't find anywhere else... (Or all the other stores do have it and I'm just blind)
  • Watering my houseplants and seeing new leaves.
  • Cleaning the floors and shower
  • Baby Yoda memes
  • Cleaning
  • Real Housewives!!
  • My GOATS
  • A silly thing I find joy in is when you go places and see things of color put in rainbow order.
  • I work in a paint department .... I EXTREMELY enjoy peeling paint off the side of the cans... And cleaning up paint messes.
  • Going shelling
  • FART JOKES! I'm a 34yo mom, and I still giggle every time!
  • My most recent silly joy in life is that my black lilies are going to bloom this summer. This is our second spring in our house. I planted the bulbs last year and I'm so excited to see them in full bloom!!!
  • Watching karma kick someone's ass who deserves it. Makes me feel all warm inside
  • Top 5ish

  • Watching Impractical Jokers!
  • Watching people fall
  • Annoying my husband
  • Twirling my hair through my fingers. Been doing it all my life (46yrs). Soothes my soul.
  • A baby's belly laugh. Absolutely the best!
  • The fresh vacuum stripes in plush carpet!
  • When I pick the PERFECT size Tupperware/storage container for the amount of leftovers I have.
  • 2.5 years ago I bought a new car. The salesman was showing me how to change the radio station. I responded, “Oh, I only listen to NPR.” Well, one day I decided to surf channels in my new car and happen to come across Connie and Fish and instantly fell in love with the show. I was hooked (a Fish pun). Anyways, the silly thing I do is listening to your brings me joy (However, it’s been so difficult losing Connie...).
  • Glitter bombing people on their birthday!
  • I love watching the squirrel in the tree yelling at my less than intelligent dog at the bottom of the tree while he is trying to figure out what side of the tree the squirrel is actually on because it goes to the opposite side when the dog runs around. They will do this for hours folks.
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