This could be either the most romantic story on the planet, or the action of the biggest love-sick idiot. I will let you decide.

Sandy Crocker is a 34-year-old dentist from Canada, and in July of last year he vacationed at a spot in Ireland, when he noticed a beautiful woman. Sandy saw the girl in a cafe for only a moment when he stopped and asked her for directions.

The National Post reports that he said he could never get her out of his mind, and to this day, he still can't. So he's now returned to Ireland for four weeks and plans to spend every minute he can searching for the mystery woman who is the love of his life, so he says.

Sandy also says, "Maybe it's a shot in the dark but if it is meant to be, if it's fate, then I might bump into her." He describes this girl as being in her mid to late-twenties, with reddish brown hair and freckles.

...and very smart in my eyes, if she leaves the country now.