Steve was daydreaming with Christine and I about having the chance to go back in time and party VERY HARD at one of his festivals. He just doesn’t find it possible now because … well you know … kids and all. What a fun TQOTD though … I immediately started day dreaming of Connie and Fish Boat Days.

You can go back to that age and place. What specific day would you relive in your life and what are you doing???

  • The day my hubby put in a dishwasher for me . Not washing all those dishes makes me very happy.
  • My 19th birthday in Ireland! We went to the Waterford crystal factory and spent the night in the hotel pub. If I could just leave out the part where I hit my head on a solid oak bar that would be great! But just an FYI Fish Calloway my second favorite would be our trip to Jamaica. I'd even go in the flea market again
  • My oldest daughter's first Christmas (17 years ago) I missed it because nobody would even work 1/2 shift for me so I could spend it with her and my family. I vowed to never miss a Christmas again with my girls or family! And I haven't!
  • All of them! so many good people in life that I miss every mistake I ever made
  • Hiking the Tongariro Crossing on New Zealand’s north island.
  • This is sooooo easy... the dates my girls were born and the day my BF asked for my number lol
  • Going to the Coney Island with my son and grandpa. We are enjoying coneys and “beers” (root beers). Best day ever.
  • Any day I was with my grandpa before he died.
  • July 2003, took my teen son and his friend to Cedar Point. I wanted to go on the rides (I'm a big fan of roller coasters) but none of my gal pals were interested nor could go. So I invited a platonic guy friend that I knew from the gym. We had a blast! He was SO funny and so much fun. I laughed like crazy the whole weekend. I haven't had that much fun since.
  • My wedding day because everyone I love is still alive. Our grandparents, aunts, uncles,sister and nephew would all be there.
  • My graduation day! Life was so open to possibilities. I was such a great day
  • 6/21/14 being with my sister so she didn't take her life
  • Spending the day with my family! I don’t care what you do, it's always fun.
  • The day my daughter was born. Best day of my life.
  • Each day my children were born. Sorry couldn’t pick just one day
  • The day my boyfriend died. Maybe I could have saved him.
  • I can't pick just one. There were so many good ones.
  • Any day camping with my grandparents when I was a kid. They've both been gone for a long time and I still miss them
  • The day my bf decided to commit suicide I would change so many things from that day!
  • Giving birth to my son. Easily the best day of my life.
  • Seeing my ex grandma in law one more time. She made an impact on my life in the 8 years I had knowing her before she passed in 2016.
  • Reliving my graduation day again. One of the best days in my life. Even though I actually miss school sometimes. I worked really hard my senior year especially. And it was a big moment for me.
  • Saturday July 11th 2009. I would tell my sister I was home visiting and maybe she would still be alive
  • Any day that I could spend with my mom. I miss her so much. Coming up on almost 7 months without her & I still cry daily. #fcancer #imissmymom
  • Thanksgiving 2009..:spending the last holiday with my mom who I lost in February of 2010
  • I would relive my wedding day I was violently ill the night before and the whole day of, I was undiagnosed celiacs disease, I was pretty much drugged up and sent down the aisle. if I could I would relive that day knowing what makes me sick and avoiding it, so I can enjoy my day with everyone else
  • Any summer day. I would be hanging out with my cousins. 6 year old me loved them all so much. We always had some great adventures
  • A specific day in my life I would relive was the time I was grounded as a teen from the family vacation and had to stay with my sick grandpa at home. Little did I know that those four days I spent with him were his very last. At the time I was irritated that I had to miss out on the family trip but now I cherish those moments and memories I had with him on one of those days. I would go back to hear his jokes, and his many stories of Bigfoot, ghosts, and UFO sightings. He was truly someone you could stay up for hours talking to while time seemed limitless. Remember memories are timeless but family is not, hold on to those moments as much as possible. ❤️
  • I would go back to December 1st 2000 and stop my dad from dying
  • Any day I’m on vacation! Probably one of the days I was in Europe! Or one of the days I used to go to my grandmas and play cards with her. I miss her so much.
  • My wedding day! My hubs and I got married on coco beach in FL and it was the most beautiful day, and having a beer at the end of a pier afterwards... was just awesome! Best day ever.
  • My 19th birthday. My parents had a cake made through my college and it was delivered to my dorm. My friends then planned a surprise party and later we all ate dinner together and then went sledding with cafeteria trays.
  • August 11, 1997, got married. Would relive that day & RUN!!!
  • November 6, 2011 — my wedding day. I wouldn’t have knocked my dad’s glasses off of his face when he gave me away. I would have made sure I actually got to eat a piece of the damn cake.
  • The day me and my buddy went to Wrestlemania 23. It was his last show he ever went to because he felt that he would never be able to recreate the feeling he had that night. #Electric
  • the day I went skydiving. Man, let me tell you! It is by far the most blissful experience! The first (AND ONLY) time I went skydiving, my perspective changed. If anyone could experience this, I highly recommend it! (Coming from someone severely afraid of heights, dang guy basically had push me out ‍♀️

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