Connie, Fish and Steve all shared experiences from their childhoods for their Text Question of the Day answers. Connie was the head of a parade twirling a baton when she was a kid, Fish and his Dad marched in the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade, and Steve had a story written about him in the Detroit News.

What was your “15 minutes of fame”?

  • Was in Vegas at the Pawn Shop when they said they were shutting down to film an episode. They needed “background volunteers” so I was one of them. Wandered around in the background pretending to look at stuff while Rick haggled with someone. Not to ruin the show for anyone, but rick doesn’t know anything and was fed lines
  • I was a freshman in high school, in yearbook and on the Varsity cheerleading squad. It was an election (1992) year and my squad was invited to cheer on George Bush at the airport as he arrived for a rally. I was standing behind a couple of ropes and had a dude pushing against me (I'm short and at that time was very small). Our then president saw me struggling and walked up and told folks to step back and asked if I was okay. I still have a scar from the rope burn, but my pics ended up in the Lansing State Journal and the president shook my hand, and I got a hug from our then first lady. I got picture credit and a shout out in the press, even though I wasn't pictured with my squad (I was too busy meeting the president). Truly an amazing memory as a young teen.
  • When I was in high school I won tickets to see David Bowie on the radio, kids at school heard me on the radio
  • I won a new smile (full set of dental implants), was on the news for it and everything. They even gave me a makeover, the day before quarantine started back in March. But the news crew didn't come for my big reveal, so I was kinda bummed
  • I was on the Bozo show twice at the WZZM 13 Studio. When I was little. I was picked both times to play Bucket Bonanza. I only got to the third bucket both times. I won an ant farm and thought it was so amazing however the ants I put in it just died. They never made any tunnels....
  • When I was the news taking about our house was hit bye lighting 3 times. The 3erd time ,blew up the corner of the kitchen and lighting came out all of the outlets. Thank god no one was home but the dog! Yes she survived.They figured it was caused by the septic being too close to the house. Who would figure
  • In the 1980s when I worked downtown, a local TV station was filming a news story on "welfare mothers." I happened to be the ONLY person out on the street, taking a walk up Monroe Center on my afternoon break. It was winter. Well, guess what? They showed that ONE clip of me multiple times during that news segment. #notawelfaremother, #nothattheresanythingwrongwiththat, #Ihaveafulltimejob
  • I really have none. Bummer. However, when I turned 40, my family took me to NYC. Because my sister-in-law was in the FBI, she knew the police chief. He walked us past the long line of people (John Tesh was in line) for front row seats to watch the fireworks on the Hudson. I felt important for one night.
  • In high school, I was part of a Bethany Christian Services commercial for teen adoption. It usually aired during the 11 o'clock news.
  • I was on the news a couple times about 10 years ago (It’s so cringeworthy seeing yourself on TV ). I was also in a promo for a local radio station (Once again, it’s cringeworthy hearing your voice on the radio )
  • I've been on the Connie and Fish show multiple times for Pulaski days. I feel pretty special!!
  • When I was 6 I did a routine with my baton on the local Bozo tv show.
  • Still waiting for it
  • On Feb 13-14, 1991, my friends & I partied with Winger in Madison & Milwaukee.
  • I was on the news and all the local radio station back in the early 2000s when NSYNC was coming to Van Andel. A friend and I slept outside in the freezing cold for tickets.
  • Was on tv for an interview a few years ago
  • Really showing my age here. I was on Romper Room on TV with Miss Jean for a week
  • When I won tickets to meet Shawn Mendes in Australia!!!!!
  • Was a “regular” call in listener on local GR radio show from the late 80s to late 90s...
  • I saw jurassic park with Siskel and Ebert during a homeschool event. I was 9 years old
  • We were on the local news here Walking in the 4th or July parade for our residents with all of their family members driving through wishing them a happy fourth!
  • Front page on the news paper when I was a kid , for March of dimes walkathon !
  • I partied with Pantera back in the early 2000's on their purple bus
  • Traveling with the Budweiser Clydesdales, several times. Always grand fun
  • When people recognize my dog in public. 3800 IG followers is a small crowd.
  • I'm in the trailer and the church scene of the Genesis Code the movie.
  • Was an extra in a movie in GR. Okay so maybe more like 15 seconds of fame...... LOL!!!!
  • Playing Roller Derby for the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls.
  • That's me at the :54 second mark. I didn't realize I was on National TV until my friend in California texted me and said "I think I just saw you on TV"
  • My engagement announcement hit the AP newswire back in 2002 (Headline News, Paul Harvey, Jay Leno, Howard Stern, etc)
  • In the early 90's I was a "kid stuff" reporter on an episode of the Miranda Kids show on Fox 17.
  • I was on the front page of the newspaper in Yantai, China on 7/21/2008! I was visiting family working for GM there and I did some tutoring! Have no idea what it says anymore. LOL
  • My 15 mins of fame was singing take me out to the ballgame on top of the dugout at the whitecaps game w DJs from an old radio station i used to listen to
  • My 15 minutes was back in 99 when I got to yodel on the view when I was 14! I also met Christina Aguilera! I felt like a Star. Loll best day of my life.
  • My 15 minutes of fame is when my ex wife went into labor in the middle of the night. I did not know she was pregnant. It went viral we are asked to be on several TV shows. Which we did not go to do. We are now divorced this was several years ago I'm pretty sure the child is not mine but at this point I'm all he knows as a father and that's all that matters to me.
  • 35 years ago when I was 6 years old I was on the Bozo show in the Grand bucket Bonanza!!
  • My 15 min of fame is happening right now. I attend Cornerstone University, the professional graduates study for adults going back to school. Back in November of last year I was asked to do a photo shoot for the program with other students. We were told the pictures would be used for promoting the program. I thought maybe for their website or pamphlets. I started getting texts and phone calls from my friends and family last week saying that they saw me on a billboard lol. Apparently, my picture is on several billboards around the grand Rapids and surrounding areas. I thought, well maybe it's the shot where it was a group of us, nope it's a giant picture of my face haha. I attached the picture.
  • Won 2019 National Blue Ribbon Award and accepted award on Behalf of Eagle Crest Charter Academy in Holland
  • I played Trumpet in school and was honored to play Taps every year at the local cemetery for the VFW at Memorial Day. It was literally 15 minutes out of life that meant a lot to those Vets.
  • TQOTD: 15min of fame moments have been getting in first place for my spirit week costume at high school, and any interactions with you guys 🙃
  • I'm 28 now. I played hockey for 25 years. When I was 5 we were losing 2 to 0 with 2 min left in the 3rd period and I scored 2 goals to take us to overtime and then scored the game winner for the league championship
  • My 15 minutes of fame is when my favorite morning show talked about my FB page, and how funny the memes I post are! My phone blew up with people texting me to tell me they heard Connie talking about me!
  • At my cousins wedding we were all in the pool.. A bunch of unknown drunk couples were walking past the pool and this guy shoved his date into the pool.. well she was drunk and couldn't swim. she sunk to the bottom of the 10 ft deep end. We saw it. I dived down and pulled her out of the water .. tossed her on the pool deck and we gave her CPR till she woke up..(she lived). The next morning there was a envelope under our door. In it was a thank you from the hotel manager and 6 free breakfast buffet coupons for our family.. I guess a human life equals 6 brunch buffet coupons
  • When I got #1 on the text question of the day
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