Let's get a little bit positive with today's Text Question and you can tell us what your feel good moment from yesterday was.

What was your “Cheesy Ass” feel good moment of the day yesterday?

  • We were watching the news, blah.  When we saw a meme about how everything you needed to know about surviving the pandemic you can learn from M*A*S*H.  So we binge watched the first season of M*A*S*H and laughed our asses off!
  • PS I have to work as my work is considered essential, you make my day, especially since my sister is working from home and my mom who lives with us is very high risk, filled with laughter as I start my day!  Thank you Connie, Fish, and Steve!
  • After playing Catan and Blank Slate for the 1000th time, my 14 year old son asked to go on a bike ride with me. ❤️❤️❤️My car battery was dead so I had to take hubby’s truck, he was almost in empty so I filled it for him since he had to go to work later in the evening. Awwww how sweet of me My child that is super loud ALL.THE.TIME. Looked at me dead serious & said- they are so loud- about his sister & brother who were laughing at tv in another room. He eye rolled & everything. I couldn’t hold back the laughterGranddaughters getting groceries because I have the flu. Love my girls ❤
  • My little sister gave me a paper heart that said "i love my big sister"
  • TQTD: My feel good moment was seeing my oldest son through my living room window and waving at him. Something small but so large for this mama's heart during social distancing.
  • My feel good moment yesterday was walking for 2 hours! Got a little more than 7 miles in and it felt amazing to be outside since I’m still working!
  • My feel good moment from yesterday was getting out of work to go home for 10 hours to be up at 3 am to go back to work this morning. Thank you for your show and keeping me laughing every morning on my deliveries .
  • LandonI found a big jug of soap at the grocery store! Lol
  • My feel-good moment yesterday were actually getting out and having enough energy to do a 3 mile jog because I am working longer hours than normal. My second feel good moment yesterday was coming home and seeing both of my teenagers completely absorbed into doing the diamond art sets that just came in the mail. It has been hard to find things to be the boredom and keep him off of electronics all day
  • My feel good moment of the day yesterday: I am a Live ATM Banker at a local bank, and we have several different locations all over Michigan. We have taken over pretty much all of the transactions as it is just the branches that have drive thru’s, and us and it has been a little overwhelming. Yesterday, one of the branch managers were outside cleaning off the machine (as he does twice, sometimes three times a day to keep the customers safe) and he told us all that he was thankful for us and that he really appreciated us taking over for most of the branches through this hard time. We have not had anyone thank us for being open yet, and that felt absolutely wonderful to be thanked for all of the hard work we have been doing. Being essential hasn’t been easy, but I am glad people still appreciate us.
  • Hey Stiff and Connie mine yesterday was someone FaceTiming my nephew and niece without asking lol after a long day at Spectrum health HR welcome center
  • I got drunk with my SO, made dinner, played a few games and cuddled until we both fell asleep. I completely forgot anything else existed and we were just so immersed in each other.
  • I read my niece a bedtime story over facetime. It was awesome.
  • My husband got approved to work half days for this whole week and he's really excited to go upstairs and play his current favorite video game for HOURS.
  • He works harder than anyone I've ever known and NEVER takes off time for himself - vacation or sick days. He deserves this so much and I'm so proud of him for putting himself first for once, for his mental and emotional health. I think he really needed this.
  • I discovered a new TV show on netflix. I’d never heard about it but it’s a gem. For those of you that are curious it’s The Last Kingdom’. Fantastic middle ages, warrior, viking show if that’s your thing.
  • My cat let me pet her belly and hold her paw. She’s so gentle, even when she’s playing. She “attacks” but doesn’t use her claws at all. I just love her so much
  • I got contacted by my boss this week to do some work from home. It's for a seasonal job and the season is being cut drastically because of covid 19. Work from home is a very rare opportunity with this company, so I'm super grateful.
  • Also very nervous because it is doing online interviews and I'm NOT one for video chatting
  • A friend I've known for years (and who I always had a big crush on) have been texting/seeing each other and tonight we've agreed what our first date will be when lockdown's lifted!  Another plus, I've always thought she's an 11/10 and when we last spoke she said she gets nervous (in a good way) when she's talking to me which is a huge confidence boost!
  • My feel good moment: Coming our to a lovely thank you note, fifth of Crown Apple, and pack of Red Bull from Alicia!!!! Made my whole week.  So nice !!!!
  • My feel good moment of the day yesterday was my wife waking me up for balloon animals after I fell asleep after a long day of being an essential worker

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