Let's all share a funny story about their kid. And if you don't have kids, how about you share one about your fur baby instead?

What was your kid doing the last time they made you crack up?

  • My 4 year old got dressed to play outside today.... "Going fishing for snype mom "
  • Years ago helping me clean out junk found old 45's and my son asked how those CDs would work in his player mind you this was the mid 90's sorry been awhile since he cracked me up
  • Question of the day: My daughter is 18 and has a not so great relationship with her mother. ( she has lived with me for the last 14 years) she was in the car with me and venting about the latest momma drama and nearly cursed in front of me but stumbled in her words at the last second. I looked at her and said tell me what you really want to say. I don't ever want you to hold back with me and feel you cannot tell me how you feel, even if it means cursing. You're a young adult and you shouldn't have to hide who you are in front of me. OMG!!! She opened up! After she vented she felt a great weight lifted off her and said she needed a good laugh now. So... I turned on Afro man dirty rap to test how far she would take her new found freedom. SHE DIDN'T EVEN STUMBLE A WORD AND SUNG IT ALL. All I could think was, she's just like me as a teenager and couldn't stop laughing! As bad as this might sound for my parenting, I am proud that she feels she can be herself in front of me and still tell a dirty joke that would make anyone blush lol.
  • I live with a miniature comedian... so I laugh constantly with him.. one of my favorites was when we were driving and I pointed out a Mini Cooper... he quickly asked me what regular coopers look like
  • Today my three year old hollered at me that there was a burnt hot dog in the toilet. It was his poop.
  • My 6 year old referenced Tommy Boy in the correct context. “What you do, Richard?” Cracked my husband and I up. #proudmommoment
  • I was playing some NWA on our record player in the living room and our 5 yr old came out RUNNING from the bedroom and just started booty shakin and making weird hand jesters throwing fingers up in alllll the wrong ways!! Man, to be 5 again...
  • Grandkid......quietly walk-in through Meijer and she looks at a Minnie Mouse and yells “ Oh my god” lmao..... me., no ,no we don’t say that. Lol still
  • I was watching my grand daughter and when I let my dog in, I said come on baby. She said “he’s your baby?”
  • My two and a half year old whispered to me "I love you but you drive me crazy!"
  • Two year old....running from one end of the living room with her blanket on her back trying to jump on to the couch
  • Farting on command!! My girls are gross
  • Last time my kid made me laugh until I couldn't breathe was last week...my 16 year old filled out the form for her parking pass. Make/model was a "murrcary mountaineer"...I told her "good thing you're pretty!!"
  • Text question of the day: When my 8 year old was "drinking" helium. Or (pick your favorite) My youngest was outside collecting eggs after school yesterday (we live on a small farm) he put the duck eggs in his pants pockets and forgot they were there and got distracted and started playing. I heard a knock on the door and opened it. My six year old was standing at the front door with his pants down around his ankles giggling because while playing the eggs cracked all over him and were drilling down his legs while standing on our front porch in his undies
  • The funniest thing my kids did lately to crack me up is pretty gross but hilarious. I have a 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter. My daughter was doing something in her room and my son had just taken a shower and come in with a towel on. He says "hey Hollie", and she turned around. Right then he puts his bare behind on her pillow, smears it around and runs out of the room. Of course my daughter is horrified and screeching at him. She yells back "now I'm going to get pink eye!"
  • My son is almost q year and a half makes me laugh everyday but the biggest crack up recently was when he walked out of our bedroom with my thong around his neck and looks at me and goes "Hiiii!"
  • So we’re leaving with my grandson to go to Meijer. He has his Nerf gun. Stops us..looks around then says go and waves us to the car. Kicker is...he’s only 2!!!!
  • While discussing face cream with my six-year-old, I told her that she could start using it when she's 13. Her response was "are you still going to be alive when I'm 13?" Sorry kid, you're not getting rid of me that easily
  • The last thing my kid did to crack me up was when she went potty all by herself on the big girl seat not using a potty seat. She shouted from the bathroom ma'am! I'm in the deep end! She is three, and adorable. -
  • The last time my daughters had me cracking up was when they were riding a power wheels car together down the sidewalk, my oldest daughter was driving while my youngest was sitting next to her, and as they were riding a low Tree Branch was hanging in their route. So my eldest daughter says “duck” to her little sister so she can duck her head and avoid the Branch. Needless to say my youngest daughter did not take “duck” in that context, she replied with “Where?” Continuously looking around so she could see the “duck” her sister saw. During the whole process they are still moving closer to the tree and BAM! That tree branch smacks her dead in the face. Meanwhile I’m watching the whole thing on the porch, with margarita spitting out the nose from laughter.
  • Talking about the things that our kids say that made us laugh out loud: The other morning while making breakfast... Aub: Hey Mom? Me: Yes my love? Aub: I love you to Uranus and back to the dirt again. Me: How about we say Jupiter, or the sun next time? Lord, please watch over my child and the things she says when I’m not with her... Hope this made you guys laugh as hard as I did when she said this!
  • Text question of the day : My 4 year old was playing outside and announced "my coochie hurts" and followed that by .. " it must be my period" We laughed for 5min straight
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