Are you still sharing a Netflix account, custody of a child, or even the bedroom with an ex? That's what we want to know.

What weird thing are you still sharing with an ex???

  • My ex knows I have his second bank card and when I need money ( which is daily) he will either put money on the card or I tell him I’m taking the money. But in all fairness when we split it ended in a domestic violence case against me. Ok I bumped into him with a vehicle twice and I legally left my house which is solely in my name and he’s still living there so I look at it as rent because he doesn’t pay me rent. LOL 😂
  • My ex and I had joint custody with our cats when we lived in the same city. I would take them to my place. Drop them at his house for a while. When I moved away I took my 2 and he kept the one that had been his brothers.
  • We still have an I-Pass for travel back and forth to Chicago.
  • Costco membership and the dog.
  • Costco membership
  • My body.
  • Netflix ,hulu and a bank account
  • Sams club membership LoL
  • Hatred for each other
  • Amazon prime
  • Our daughter is weird lol
  • Car insurance policy
  • Our house and an apartment! After we got divorced we figured it wasn’t fair that the kids had to pack up their stuff and split their time in two different places, so we do it instead! When my ex has the kids he gets the house and I stay at the apartment. When it’s my turn with the kids, he moves to the apartment. People think it’s crazy but it works great for us!
  • I dont share crap with my ex..... that's why she is my ex. Done deal, she left.. Goodbye!!
  • I filled for divorce in May of 2018 and it was final almost a year ago but up until last Friday my ex husband and I still had a joint auto insurance policy. We probably still would if he had a checking account and I didn't have to go out of my way to deposit cash every month when he paid me back for his portion.
  • Does having your ex’s credit card without him knowing count as sharing?
  • I still share my Xbox account with my ex because she bought way more games than I ever did. I don’t even know if she realizes that we are sharing…
  • My ex and I have been divorced two years. We still share a house together. He lives downstairs I live upstairs. We share and Apple account, Netflix and Hulu. I think it's the house that's probably the most bizarre! 😂
  • Unfortunately a bank account. He refused to sign off on it and then went to prison. They wont let me close the acct due to some loans i have with them so im stuck with his name on there
  • TQOTD: my ex and I share a house and kids. Yes, we still live in the same house. #Idon'trecommendit #getmeoutofhere
  • My wife shared a dog with her ex. The dog would come to my wife’s (then girlfriends) house every other weekend. Turns out it was just her exes excuse to see her and she “got rid of her rights” to the dog but still sees the dog on Snapchat
  • I still work with my ex husband after being divorced for 13 years! I actually work for his families business and have been working here for over 25 years. Our kids thought it was weird as do a lot of people. We were mature enough to put our personal differences behind us.
  • I still share his shoe-polishing kit. He has one of those super expensive kits with all sorts of brushes and oils. We are on good terms, so he lets me borrow it.
  • I still share my ex husbands family. I know it’s not an item or thing, but his family invites me and my new husband to all family gatherings and we were even in the large family photo taken at the Christmas party. Sometimes my ex doesn’t even come to the parties, just me and my new husband go. It’s weird, but after being in his family for 19 years they like me, maybe more then they like him! Plus it’s better we all get along since we have 4 kids together.
  • I shared my 30yr bottle of whiskey she got me for my birthday two years ago. It was really expensive and a great gift so I wanted her to enjoy it with me. One night after she dropped the kids off, we put them to bed and drank it. #BallonAnimalsWithEx