Connie found out that about 1 in every 5 people has eaten pet food...  She then proceeded to tell us that she is one of those people.  Ew!  We wanted to turn that into a #TQOTD, so we asked you what weird thing have you tried?

What weird thing have you tried to eat?

  • Dudes I had a posh guy stop an ice cream truck in Iraq and gave me a sponge Bob popsicle and we ate goat
  • What weird thing have I tasted?? MUSHROOMS... They are weird and disgusting. Those of you who enjoy fungus are not normal It's Monday.. 4 days until my ladies weekend
  • We use to pay my brother to eat Junebugs.
  • While pregnant I loved steak and shake grilled cheeses with pickles dipped in bbq sauce. Also ate a grilled peanut butter and jelly with chocolate chips melted on the inside too.
  • Chocolate covered insects
  • Good morning Connie and fish and intern Steve when I was in third grade in elementary school we tried fried dandelions thanks trucker Don
  • When I was younger my brother dared me to eat this dandelion soup that he made, it was just smush dandelions and some water lol surprisingly It didn't taste that bad
  • Text question of the day: bull testicles
  • #tqotd I have eaten Christine's cooking. Some of it was some Middle-Eastern stuff that I can't even pronounce. No one died. It's not terrible. (Actually, it's good...that girl can cook) Rob has also eaten it and survived.
  • #TQOTD I used to try and eat paper and cardboard when I was a kid 7-10yrs old. No clue why
  • A mixture of chocolate milk and ranch
  • elementary school a group of us used to use plastic spoons and eat dry jello mix out baggies at recess kids are so ridiculous! Like Steve said about the protein powder, that will suck the juice right up out of that mouth!
  • Mud pies
  • When I was a teenager I used to eat sugar cubes. I think it could be why I'm addicted to sugary foods and drinks as an adult
  • I went to AQ for college and we went to an event outside and we were late and it was dark outside and all the food was gone. I thought there was just trail mix left so I was eating it and my roommate had to tell me that it was bird seed!
  • TQOTD: I grew up with 2 older brothers- they convinced me that their feet tasted like peanut butter and jelly- so I licked them- this happened more than once... it may be part of my trust issues today. I got them back with a game we played of 'make each other a weird snack' - they ate cat treats in their weird snacks
  • This is Carey in GR I've eaten heart and bone marrow
  • Tried to eat, but couldn't do it, dehydrated scorpions.
  • I spent 2 weeks with my husbands family in Italy. While there, I tried horse meat. Never. Again.
  • Regular breakfast for me, garlic and dill sauerkraut mixed in scrambled eggs with hot sauce served with blue cheese on top
  • Haggis.
  • When I was a kid my older siblings had this friend and he was always over. My older sisters put some pupperoni sticks on a plate and I brought them to him and he ate them like jerky sticks. He never knew.
  • I grew up in Pennsylvania and we butchered pigs every winter at our neighbor's farm. And in the process of making scrapple, I've tried just about every organ in a pig's body. My favorite is actually the kidneys (after the interior sac is removed).
  • Really guys? What weird thing have you tasted?? My brother made me try hay, like horses eat... Then he met me hang out with him. He's 9 years older than me and I just wanted to be cool.
  • Bone marrow. Go to the butchers union, they make it there.
  • I tried to eat some deep fried tripe but I didn't have the stomach for it. And the smell haunted me for days.
  • Lamb's brain
  • I've eaten crickets.
  • Not me, but my sister-in-law eats soap when she's pregnant. It's different with each pregnancy. And it has to be bar soap.
  • Pickles dipped in chocolate
  • When I was younger I used to eat box elder bugs. My kids now pick on me when they see them. They say hey mom there's your snack. Lol
  • Don't eat sea urchin at a sushi's disgusting and you will burp for days and be reminded of the disgustingness
  • when I was little we used to make " homemade jam " we would take random berries we picked out of my neighbor's backyard and mix them with copious amounts of sugar, I'm lucky I don't have severe diabetes or that the berries we picked for edible
  • One of my friends got dared to eat road salt, he had to go to the hospital
  • 20 yrs ago, I tried putang.. Now I am a total vagitarian.. Love you guys
  • I went to Scotland on vacation and tried "haggis" which is sheep stomach filled with different ingredients like oatmeal, onion, spices etc. It was AWFUL. GAG.
  • While in Afghanistan, I ate some unknown meat from a village cooked over a trash fire.
  • my sister used to eat fish food all the time we had to get rid of the fish because she would not stop eating all of their food
  • I tried the powdered milk replacer for a calf. We live on a beef farm. It smells like a whopper candy. The malted milk balls. It smells so so so good! It tastes nothing like it smells. never again
  • My buddy made me drink a rat milkshake once for Black Eyed Peas tickets. 2 rats, 2 scoops of ice cream, and water. Tasted like a sharpe smells.
    I tried chitlins n they are almost as bad as salmon!!!
  • Morning guys! I've known since a young age I have a rather iron-clad stomach and can handle eating literally anything. I've eaten all manner of plastics, tinfoil, wood, Saran wrap, fabrics, and other oddities. I made good money in elementary getting dated to eat weird things lol.
  • ? Of day, I once fed my brother some dog jerky Ha ha ha, I like to do bad things
    Hey guys, I grew up in the south eating turtle soup, frog legs and alligator! All tasted like chicken. Have a great day!
  • Shrimp tails are a lot like eggshells if you eat them they can actually tear your intestines