If you ever wanted to learn some new ways to insult people, just check out some of these answers to our #Secrets question today.

If you could say whatever you wanted to your biggest enemy and get away with it … what would you say and why?

  • I would say, "While I still hold resentment toward you, I'm doing my best to let it go. I don't understand why things are the way that they are and because of that, the future scares me. However, I truly hope that no matter what happens with our relationship that we'll both end up happy and having fulfilling lives."
  • Really you’re an adult and talking SCTUFF about people on Facebook still? WOW... you are special!
  • You are not the only “person” who cares about our schools!
  • Yes it is “all about the money“
  • NARCISSIST! Stop abusing your wife and make her think you'll change. You are not changing, stop treating her like she is not worthy
  • Bish just because your a miserable wench (self-editing) doesn't mean everyone else isn't allowed to be happy. Now eat doo doo snickers
  • Cant feed em. Don't breed em.
  • I'd say...grow up biotch.
  • I am so annoyed at the fact you cheated on your husband and on somehow you managed to put some blame on me. Telling me I need to grow up and get over it. Sorry, I didn't cheat! You did!
  • TQOFTD-F off you opinionated smart ass bastard
  • Secrets: I'd tell these 2 peoples I am in fact the one who refers to them as a CU*T (insert N) and they ruined our family... 😇😇😇😇😇😇 Too bad I'm too nice lol p.s. I feel like a jerk even sharing this lol
  • What I would tell my enemy is you are the lowest scumbag I have ever met in my life you have such a negative outlook that you bring everyone around you down, nobody here wants you or likes you and it would be best if you just quit. You are the biggest racist bigot a****** I have ever met in my life and your sick obsession/hatred for me is downright disgusting. Grow up, move on, leave me alone and please kindly FISH off!!!
  • How's your crappy techno music career going now? (Not being a douche, but the jerk bullied me in high school)
  • I'd fart on them because I know they have a bad gag reflex and it would probably make them throw up
  • TQOTD-If I could tell my worst enemy anything, it would be to my biological father. You did things that NO PERSON should ever do to their child, but it taught me that I will do anything and everything to protect my children. I wished you dead before you were even dead and I still feel that way. You are evil.
  • Swallow a cactus, you Fishing bouche. Oh and pay your child support before you bleed out.
  • "I am my own worst enemy, you're nothing, but nice try though. Keep up the good work." I was picked on a lot in school but I know now that I can control how I feel and I am no longer depressed and an "easy target".
  • May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your nether regions, and may a plague of moles infest your lawn. He gave me an STD...
  • You are exactly who you deserve to be.
  • I forgive you and wish you well. Because I don't hold grudges, even if you did steal my son's laptop and sell it for drugs.
  • I would like to say to my girlfriend's mom, "Stop being a damn control freak. Your daughter can do a lot more than you think and you don't need to be using her money for everything. Also, my relationship is with your daughter, not you. So stop trying to drive a wedge between us and make me into a guy that you want me to be. It should be good enough that I am making your daughter happy."
  • I know it's a lot and there is more but I got most of it out. Lol
  • ?of dah day..... Biotch, NOBODDDDDY. Likes you. Your mean, backstabbing, the user. I have your number ...I'll shall sit back & wait for karma to bit you in that fat ass of yours. High 5 myself, no friends.... lol. Ha crack myself up
  • To his Wife, after 35 years you can have your husband. I have a girlfriend that loves me all in. Good luck #lesbianforlife #nomorecheating