We all know that being quarantined inside of your home can get pretty annoying. So, to help out the people who you are co-habitating with, what kind of warning label could you wear?

What would your warning label say?

  • Warning has has mood instability if irritated give food or beverage and should be pacified if this fails then proceed to roll joint to go with snacks beware of temper run if angry
  • Warning...Do not talk to me until I’m done with my jog. ‍♀️
  • Proceed with CAUTION I have not had my coffee yet. ☕
  • Do not make eye contact! Hand over the coffee and back away slowly.
  • Approach with caution. Unless holding an unopened bottle of Mountain Dew Throwback
  • Warning: ignore her texts when drunk.
  • Tread lightly...cries easily
  • Warning: Laughs in uncomfortable situations.
  • Warning: I like consistent communication.
  • Don't ask me what I want to eat when clearly hangry.
  • Warning: Ringmaster of the Crapshow
  • Dont approach me unless you have tacos!
  • Don’t keep food away from me ever
  • WARNING Will absolutely talk your ear off
  • ⚠️Warning - May Bite warning⚠️
  • Warning: Laughs at everything...
  • My red hair says it all
  • Hope you don't get embarrassed
  • Very b***** when hungry or tired.
  • Little but fierce
  • Dont pull finger!!
  • My warning label would say “if acting off, please feed “because I have a tendency to get a little Hangry, emo, and off when I need a snickers. Lol. My last ambulance partner would look at me for like 10 seconds and then hand me a snack when I would start to get a little mouthy.
  • WARNING: Easy Cryer! For any reason!
  • My warning label would be: pushing too many buttons can result in breaking
  • Warning: Can be loud and inappropriate.
  • Do not feed the bears.
  • My warning label would say "plays nice until ticked off"
  • my warning label would be contents under pressure. This whole virus stuff has me on my last nerve.
  • Warning! Loses her filter and drops the “f” bomb very easily.
  • Bipolar b**** shake it up see what moods you get
  • Warning ...This B**** is crazy !
  • Cuddle Crack
  • WARNING: This totally hot gay guy might make you smile, laugh, say things you wouldn't regularly say such as "Faaaaabulous" or he may even give you some fashion tips and be the very best friend you've been looking for. (Yes Fish I said TOTALLY hot. Don't judge me
  • DO NOT.....I repeat DO NOT tickle my feet... no matter how tempting it is.....

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