I knew Christine would have a unique answer for today’s TQOTD (Text Question of the day) but I had to think back for me because I believe that everyone deserves a chance … hehehehehe. Steve apparently is a magnet for gay men and Connie many years ago pretended we were a couple so I didn’t have to shut someone down … you?

What did you do to scare off a date or someone hitting on you?

  • Apparently I just look pissed off to begin with, so people avoid me like the plague…
  • Ask for money
  • My friend would pretend she was my gf, I’m straight.
  • Gained a ton of weight and let myself go.
  • Just open my mouth and say I am a conservative...lol
  • Lol... said I was already taken and we have 7 kids ( which is true...blended family)
  • Had a friend pretend to be my wife
  • Let him meet my two older brothers
  • Let them know, my man is a Marine.
  • Pretending they were as old as my dad
  • Just showed them my last name and asked them if they could see themselves taking that name...
  • Started making out with my best friend. We were in our 20's
  • Said I was seeing someone (when I wasn't) I worked too much & didn’t have time to hang out
  • I just say, “I have 4 kids.” They end the attempt pretty quick after that. In my “going out days”, I also would wear a nice diamond on my ring finger to put in anyone’s face trying to hit on me.
  • You don't want any of this....I'm not what U think I am! Worked every time....they had no clue what the Hell I was talking about!
  • I have kids
  • Told them I was too busy to date
  • Wore a fake engagement ring
  • Just said no
  • My sister and I grabbed each others butt and said I Love You and he just walked away 😎
  • Told them I'm married, because I am…
  • I tell them I have a teenager at home.
  • A guy came up to me and started dancing on me in a club and I just stopped what I was doing and stood stiff as a board and screamed
  • So it wasn't something I did, but in college one of my buddies was trying to date this girl, and to scare him away she said she was going to join the convent and become a nun... Needless to say, she was dating a different guy within 2 weeks and now 8 years later has never stepped foot in a convent…
  • So my first job was working at a pizza place in a bowling alley. I was 14 but I have always tended to look older. So I became friends with a few of the guys. One night one of them came over and asked me out. I told him I thought he might be a little old for me. He was 28 and he asked me how old I was, and I said 14. That was kind of the end of it. So I didn’t intend to scare them off but needless to say we did not go out. Funny thing was, a few years later when I was still working at the bowling alley on and off I ran into him again and we were talking about what was going on in life and found out he was getting married. Me and my girlfriends happened to be going to Florida for our senior year of high school spring break and we were taking a cruise and found out that they were on the same cruise for their honeymoon.
  • At 22, and after about 15 minutes of bothering me, I told a man (at the bar) that I had 8 kids and was looking for a sugar daddy
  • Picked my nose and then wiped it on them.
  • There was a person at work that was a little too flirty for me(I’m married) I did not work directly with this person - I work for a large company. One day we crossed paths in a hallway at work and, in passing, he held his arms out and said- how about a hug-😂😂😂😂 I leaned in and whispered- I just farted😂😂😂😂. He dropped his arms and I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. I did NOT fart!!! He never spoke to me again and actually, I haven’t ran into him either😂😂😂😂
  • Pretended to know a couple of guys at the bar. Married one of them a few years later. It worked out pretty well.
  • I’m friends w/ @fishmornings
  • I put a lipstick container under my skirt and I told him I was a Hermaphodite
  • Was on a first date and was going really good and went back to my place and cuddled watching a movie and I had to sneeze and accidentally sharted, I tried to act like nothing happened but she knew so I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I came back out she was gone.
  • They were from out of town at the restaurant I was working at. I told them I'd meet them at the bar when I got off work. They went and weren't happy that I sent them to a gay bar.
  • Went cross eyed and made just my left eye wander back and forth.
  • I was at a club dancing with my girlfriend. 2 guys walk up and start dancing with us. The guy with me tried to put his hand down my pants. The first time I slapped the back of his hand. The second time I followed his hand then wrapped my fingers between his and flipped his hand twisting it backwards. He was on knees begging me not to break it. When the bouncers asked what was going on. I told him if this guy tries to put his hand down my pants again I'll break it

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