Think really hard about that thing you do for the one you love that they absolutely adore and then tell us what it is.

What is a little thing that you do for your partner, that only you know that they like?

  • Oh c'mon now. This is PG.
  • That being said, my husband is the biggest picky pants. Maybe if I was hard core into hiking/mountain biking/all others that fall into that category. Hey, he still has a bigger belly what I do.
  • I don’t know. I just try to do what will make him complain the least.
  • I make him his coffee just the way he likes it in the morning.
  • Folding my husband’s tee shirts in the specific way he likes them
  • I'm single, but I remind myself how loved I am by working hard, making good choices, and eating nachos regularly.
  • My wife has right-sided deficits after a stroke. She struggles with a lot so I do most things for her. But, every night, without asking, I gently pick her right leg up and help her into bed comfortably.
  • I don't smother him with my pillow in his sleep.
  • We have been together for 6 years now. We still pack each other's lunches with love notes.
  • When I hear my turning off the water in the shower, I grab a towel off the rack, wrap it around her and give her a kiss.
  • I keep her supplied with Nacho Cheese Doritos and Diet Coke when it's that time of the month.
  • I make her breakfast every morning, instead of just for myself. I wake her up just to have breakfast with me, and then she goes back to sleep and I go to work.
  • When he makes french press coffee, I stir in the cream and sugar for him, just the way he likes it.
  • My wife likes when I trim the edge of the grass where it meets the driveway and sidewalk. She just likes it.
  • TQOTD: my boyfriend loves saut ed onions and peppers on his Hobo Pie (the pizza pocket things you make over the fire in a cast iron cooker) so I'll make him and I one while he refills our drinks
  • My husband does not care for sweets but does have a few favorite candies that he enjoys. Whenever I grocery shop I always make sure he's got his fave peanut butter cups, gummies bears and ice cream in the house.
  • I will from time to time roll my wife's "funny" cigarettes, only because she can't.
  • I clip his toenails for him. Which at first I didn’t mind, but after 20 years it went from a cute moment every couple weeks to a pretty gross chore now. But I love him so I will still do it.
  • really light “scratches” with my acrylics on his back while we fall asleep. his mom did it when he was a kid so when i did it the first time he was like putty in my hands lol
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