Steve and Christine got naughty when asked about things they have hid from someone. Is it weird to you that mine was candy? Awhile ago I got busted with milk duds in the bed side table. Everybody had way too much fun picking on me about my basic answer.

What’s a purchase you hid from everybody?

  • I’m an OPEN BOOK like Fish, so if I buy something, people would know.
  • Bitcoin years ago. Shhh!
  • Batteries
  • Most of them... from clothing to food...I hide most of my purchases. #MindYaBusiness
  • Entering a charity raffle to have Morgan Freeman personally record my phone’s voicemail message. Didn’t win, but a Fish/Scott Stapp voicemail greeting would be super cool too...
  • Shoes, jewels, clothes, favorite cookies.....pretty much anything fun!
  • When i pierced my belly button in college
  • A pink newborn outfit. We didn’t tell anyone the sex of our baby, but I knew I wanted a sweet pink outfit for her to come home in.
  • My first tattoo. And after my dad finally saw it, was on my ankle, I had him convinced it was fake for awhile. Lol
  • I can’t tell you. Duh.
  • I want to say boobs, but I haven't, or have I?!
  • My movie ticket to the Spice Girls movie
  • I hid my tattoos from my parents for years.
  • Stitchfix!!!
  • My peanut M&Ms
  • Chocolate
  • Cadbury mini eggs...
  • A lip plumping thing which only made my lips look like I got stung by a bee-several times
  • My $200 hammer.
  • I purchased a new phone and two days after I got it I dropped it and smashed the screen just as I was taking it back as I did not like the phone so then I had to secretly pay extra money to get the screen fixed before sending back
  • I’m hiding a new Golden Doodle Puppy that will be ready this Fall to take home. Can’t wait for our cute girl Bailey! My Daughters and Me are keeping it a secret from their Dad
  • My tattoo on my kinda easy to conceal that one
  • Gastric Bypass surgery... 😯
  • I bought a Costco size bag of Cheeze it Snaps and ate the whole thing. Also a 12 pack of Coke Zero gone in 5 days. I need help LOL
  • Fish, I just bought Circus Peanuts for breakfast. No one knows but me. 😂
  • I bought Toilet paper yesterday that no one knew about and your answer is still worse. 😘

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