Steve loves to talk about his hidden talent of “glow sticking” … it’s something like him doing it like a karate warrior or something. I can make weird noises and I do love making others smile. You guys though … CLICK OF 6 … you rocked it! CHECK IT OUT.

What’s a talent you have that people always get a kick out of?

  • Juggling - learned in 9th grade gym class - still remember how!
  • I can curl my tongue in all 4 directions, up, upside down, to the left and to the right. And I can also touch my nose with my tongue
  • Making balloon animals
  • I literally have no talent. Zip, zero, nothing.
  • I can make a clover with my tongue
  • Can say all the presidents in order
  • saying the alphabet backwards (8 seconds). I can also do the states alphabetically in 25 seconds. Both useless talents.
  • I can "play" a trumpet noise with my voice that used to fool a lot of people. Lol.
  • I can almost always correctly guess which Harry Potter house you would be sorted into. I know. Purely amazing talent...Or so i've been told told
  • I'm a very good whistler and can even make doves call to me.
  • I can say the alphabet just as fast backward (z-a) as forward (a-z.) About 3 seconds. Silly but people find it amusing. Not sure it’s a talent.
  • I used to be able to burp like a cow…
  • Restoring baseball gloves
  • Kindness
  • I can bend just the top knuckle
  • I can "talk" like Donnie Thornberry- from Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys!
  • I can pinch people with my toes. I mostly do it to my husband when he's being naughty
  • Crocheting
  • I can write backwards with my left hand printing and in cursive. I cannot write forward with my left hand.
  • People are always impressed by how quickly I can put on a duvet cover….not very exciting but…I’m in my thirties lol.
  • I can do most things with both hands equally as good. I'm also an ex massage therapist and can make a baby stop crying in about 30 seconds no matter what's wrong (unless they're starving or in pain, of course)
  • My witty comebacks. People say “you’re so funny, you always have a comeback for everything” yes, it’s called sarcasm and you get it from trauma haha
  • playing the recorder with my nose
  • I can sing "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt and sound exactly like him.
  • #tqotd hey Christine and Fish. My weird talent is I can speak dolphin and otter! It's like a party trick I have to do at all our get togethers
  • I can open a beer bottle with just about anything. My friends love asking me for one of MY beers, so they can give me a random object to see if I can open it. I always do, but I’ve cut open my hand a few times. Drawing a little blood always gives them an extra kick. **snow shovel**

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