We get concert tickets and fun stuff at the station. Christine used to get hooked up from her mama on clothes from her gig and Steve loves when you guys give him tips on raising his kids. Thanks again Click of 6.

What’s a work perk that you or your family benefit from?

  • My mom and I work together and I make the schedule so I make it so she can watch my daughter on days I work.
  • Free cable/tv/internet
  • 50% off daycare. I work at a daycare if you didn’t guess
  • I work with my sister. It’s the bestest cause working with other people would not be ideal anymore. People …eww lololol! And it benefits my hubby cause I am happy, happy wifey happy hubby
  • They pay for my Costco membership
  • I love my job. My family benefits from the low stress & the happiness it brings me.
  • Working from home.
  • Deals on new cars
  • Monday’s off
  • Bar and restaurant owners so enough said.
  • 90% of my health ins premiums paid, HSA w/some matching PTO, profit sharing, 401k, life ins
  • Free heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention year round for my fur babies.
  • Wellness Funds that can be utilized 4 times a year. Being able to throw a load of laundry throughout my work day, as I come and go all day.
  • We get our health, life, dental & eye insurance through my job. I get 401k through my job. Also, I get 12 weeks of paid parental leave through my job when this baby arrives. The perks I get from my job is what’s keeping me there right now 🙃
  • Discounted internet, TV, and phone
  • Boss gives us returned stuff if its slightly off. Got a new shop vac last week because it was returned due to a slightly loud motor
  • Lol nothing! No perks!
  • On snow days I get to stay home with the kids
  • Some long days allow for flex hours. Nothing beats a 14 hour Monday leading to getting out at noon on Friday!
  • Free headaches
  • I get to work from home and get a lot of PTO (which I need because this job runs you into the ground).
  • Medical appointment time. In addition to vacation time we get extra Pto for doctor appointments
  • Hotel discounts
  • A paycheck
  • The perk my family and I get due to my job is discounts on car parts!!! Love it!
  • Nothing I was laid off :’(
  • I work out of a small warehouse, I have free use anytime I need to work on my vehicles, which is nice if my garage is full and its winter out.
  • Discounted child care
  • Flexible schedules and being home whenever kids need us!
  • Being able to work from home.
  • Paid health insurance, and rotating 12s!
  • Free benefits, work family, work from home occasionally….my list goes on. #21yearsstrong
  • Caregiver job- working from home. Nutrition job- having healthier choices at home
  • Free/reduced Veterinary care and I get to bring my dog to work.
  • Product purchase
  • I get a discount on any Wyndham hotel on the United States
  • I work at Big Lots and get 30% off everything we sell. If anyone needs a job Big Lots is always hiring.
  • I can rage out whenever needed (work at rage room)
  • Stay at home mom here! My best perk is that when my 8 month old and my 3 year old take a nap I get to take one too midday 2 hour naps usually save my life every day lol
  • Faygo, LaCroix water oh and gas the last 19 years
  • Kids can come to work whenever I need without prior notice. I can work from home if kids are sick. My employer and coworker are awesome!
  • When my husband worked at NMU, spouses got 100% free tuition. I got my BSN for free!
  • The best work perk is when my ex and I worked for separate airlines. I have traveled all over the world 4 times. Then I was in charge of shore excursions. Best job.
  • Family takes advantage of me because I’m a massage therapist

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