Let's all take turns throwing our employers under the bus by sharing secrets that they don't want you to know.

What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?

  • I cannot magically make an opening in my schedule appear nor the exact glass you need being in stock at my shop when your glass creaks or breaks in summer. Its the busy season, I can do what I offer and nothing more.
  • Just because you are a designer and your file is ready for the printer doesn’t mean your file is print production ready.
  • A good boss doesn't tell you what to do, they show you what to do and help with it.
  • The price the company actually pays for merchandise and we don't hide merchandise in the backroom.
  • You can ask for a late check out time and usually they'll give it to you.
  • Threatening to file a complaint with the insurance commissioner doesn't magically make me able to fix your problem
  • There are just so many things that go wrong and work against you EVERY day that it's a dam miracle sometimes that i manage to make my deliveries on time. Lol
  • Amazon is not a bad place to work if you want to actually work!
  • Not everyone with a PhD is as smart as you'd think they would be.
  • No it ISN'T FREE if it doesn't scan!!!
  • You must first turn in the paper prescription before it is set to be ready 😂 #logic
  • We don’t actually have things in the back just hiding from you
  • When you are given too much work and too little time to do it, the quality decreases.
  • We don't have a secret schedule of open appointments. What i offer is what we have.
  • Your ticket has a timestamp so when you say you've been waiting and hour, I can see it was only 18 minutes.
  • Instrument maintenance, calibration and quality control must be acceptable before you can get Laboratory results period!
  • Complaining on social media about bookgate will get you nowhere. I promise, your kids will be okay.
  • We know when you have only flossed THE DAY of your Appointment- don’t lie and say you floss....
  • Be nice or be told that the truck comes on Tuesday
  • We will judge you forever when you tip poorly!
  • Don't call the 800 number to extend your car rental contract. Go to a location and talk to someone in person. You will get a better rate.
  • Being that it is 2020, and the US Census is in full swing. Enumerators (Census Workers) will go seeking out your neighbors when they are unable to get in contact with you directly, and nine times out of ten your neighbors will give us all the information we need and then some juicy extra shade on top. Get your facts in y’all, because your neighbors are definitely keeping tabs and they aren’t afraid to voice them. Complete the US Census 2020!
  • I am a receptionist and sometimes we just put your call on hold because we can. Sometimes we transfer calls to the wrong extension especially if we don't care for the person you are calling for.
  • I am a registered dietitian and the secret to weight loss is that there is no secret it takes a lot of mental strength Support and small habit change over time
  • I work in Healthcare....everything is secret. HIPAA lol
  • The Maintenance Man... Industry Secrets: When you take your car to the name brand dealership for all of those "factory authorized parts", you are still getting the autozone, O'Reilly, Napa, etc... parts with a 30% mark up on price. I managed a store and they are the biggest commercial customers in the industry and most of the public don't even know it. Just because it's a dealership, it doesn't mean you're getting OEM parts!
  • TQotD - the insurance industry really does want to help people and not screw them, even those with the really dumb commercials that mislead consumers.
  • I'm an attorney. The secret is shut the heck up. You'd be surprised at how many people think they can talk their way out of an arrest. Do not talk to police if you are being arrested, ask for a lawyer.
  • There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at fancy restaurants, and that is usually the reason you won't see the amount of calories in each dish.
  • Used to screen resumes for small companies. Job "requirements" are more of a wish-list situation. Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying - you have no idea what the applicant pool is like. The biggest boon, especially at small companies, is someone who legitimately cares.
  • Former big box store associate here. The scents they “discontinue” will come back with a different name and new marketing. They’re just recycling the scents.
  • At thrift stores 50% of what you donate ends up in the trash bc we don’t have the space for it or we just deem it too ugly
  • Almost every hairstylist gets the heebie jeebies when we shampoo your hair and you just stare up at us. CLOSE. YOUR. DAMN. EYES at the shampoo bowl!
  • Vodka is really, really, really cheap to make: the glass bottle costs more than the booze
  • Honey gets you more than salty attitudes. #duh
  • You can fart and blame it on a plethora of people.
  • We don't get into trouble when u complain Karen lol
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