Whether you like to admit it or not, everyone has a little bit of irrational anger in them and today we want you to share some of yours by telling us what's none of your business but drives you nuts?

What’s none of your business but it drives you nuts anyway?

  • TQOTD-What is none of my business but drives me nuts anyways is how rude and negativepeople can be. None of my business but really pisses me off. Side note, MY DAUGHTER GOT ENGAGED!!!!!! I'm a GRANDMA and I'm going to be a mother in law AND I TURNED 39 ON FRIDAY!!!! WHEEWW THAT WENT FAST LOL!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!!!
  • OK, I know it's none of my business but I cannot stand it when people put the toilet paper rolls on wrong. I correct every single one that I see that is placed in properly. -
  • Another thing that is none of my business but I absolutely cannot stand is when I see couples treating each other rudely in public. I always have to speak up and say to the person that's getting victimized, that they don't deserve it and they're better than that.
  • When people are fishing for sympathy but refuse to tell you what's going on. Especially when I see it on Facebook almost every day. It's none of my business but now I feel like I need to know. Grr...
  • Social media postings of a friend/relative/child in a hospital bed. Im sure they’re just looking for support, but always seems like it crosses a personal boundary.
  • People that keep announcing that they are going to leave a group because somebody said something they don't like. JUST LEAVE!!!, NO ANNOUNCEMENT NECESSARY.
  • Other people's attendance and work ethic on the job.
  • People’s clutter...I’ve been watching The Home Edit on Netflix.
  • Pretty much everything! Especially what my adult kids are doing. Just a nosy old lady I am.
  • People who take risks with their health - like someone I know who is a cancer survivor but still smokes.
  • Other people’s kids
  • Just how small are Trump's hands?
  • Who my son is marrying!!!
  • What really bugs me but none of my business.... Cyclist peddling in the middle of the road, early see me behind them but keep riding right....in...the....middle...of the road. 10 mph ... We live on a gravel road that is in route of the biggest gravel race I believe in US. Our road is part of the race. Just be considerate.... I don't care if they ride our road but when they see me coming be considerate get over so I can pass not take a length of road with your group of riders or "team". Single file line.or "team". Single file line.
  • People buying Apple. Yes, I know that a lot of people could answer "people that always talk about how dumb it is to buy Apple's products". And I know I probably do a lot of dumb buying decisions on other subjects. But I can't help but hate when people spend an outrageous amount of money on those computers when they could do everything they do with it in better conditions for half the price.
  • People who park in handicap parking when they aren’t handicapped.
  • People who use poor grammar. It's infuriating!
  • When people call me "boss" when I'm buying something. It just feels super disrespectful cuz I tend to assume they are doing it to mock me.
  • People's incessant misuse of economics terminology. I have no right to get mad at people for not studying what I studied. But hot damn I get pissed anyways.
  • I have a couple things here: Gender reveal parties. So cringe, Posts on social media saying how much an individual loves their significant other, Loud teenagers, People who use "follow up" and "touch base" in an email. I'm sure there's more but that's right off the top of my head.
  • TQOTD: my 22 year old brother and his girlfriend break up, get back together, and friend & unfriend each other on Facebook literally every single day. It's soooo annoying but also like a train wreck: I can't stop looking
  • People that don't take their Christmas lights down after Christmas and sometimes thier still up in like March, for the love of God
  • How about going to the fair or the carnival and going on some rides to make you feel like a kid again
  • if the boss has somebody in his office with. the door is shut ,freaking drives me crazy and I want to who is in there what they talking about
  • So what is not my business but annoys me? Grocery stores! You’re standing looking at the cheese, lunch meat or vegetables and someone walks right in front of you!!! Argh!
  • I hate it when people ride their bike in the street. When the bike path is right there
  • Mine would be people that use “there/they’re/their and you’re/your wrong on social media .
  • People socializing, i dont know why, it's probably jealousy from my socially incompetent self. It just kinda ticks me off
  • I've posted this a few times: I work in a office. It drives me crazy when I go to use one of our microwaves and someone took their food and left a few seconds of cooking time on the clock. DAMNIT KAREN PRESS CLEAR!
  • The fact that my female neighbor never has clothes on that cover her a$$ like EVER. Bikini is a thong, shorts are super short. I don’t need to see all that and neither do my boys.
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