I think that everyone can agree that adulting is hard and that paying bills sucks (those were the majority of the answers to the Text Question of the Day), but we also got some other great gems when we asked which responsibility you wish you didn't have.

What’s one responsibility you wish you didn’t have?

  • TQOTD: making Buckeyes every Christmas, it's for out of hand. I make about 100 lbs and if I stopped there would be many people crying so I keep making them. At least I have whines enough Hubby and sister help lol
  • All the work of being a homeowner by myself, and with a fixer-upper at that. I’ve had some great help along the way but man, is it a lot of work.
  • Being the POA of my parents!😢
  • I HATED grocery shopping before Covid 19 and now I DESPISE it. Wiping down ALL the food with a Clorox wipe (and we spend minimum $1200 a month in groceries) is exhausting.
  • Taking all my meds. They're not even the good ones!!
  • Working on Fridays. I'm a nurse, and patients are extra needy on Fridays.
  • BIP: Cleaning up the litter box
  • Lol, having to work to get money. This is some bullshit. Haha
  • Cleaning the house. Grocery shopping, figuring out all the meals, paying all the bills, having to get up when the alarm tells me to. Lol
  • House payment most definitely!
  • Thinking of dinner ideas... Everyday!
  • Deciding and making meals everyday.
  • Deciding what to cook for dinner.
  • Cooking for picky eaters. It would be far more enjoyable if they liked what make. 😩
  • Cleaning the house
  • Getting the groceries
  • Paying Bills
  • Adulting
  • Running my cat down to take chipmunks out his mouth
  • ? Of da day.... taking care of my mom. She slowly slipping into Alzheimer's. I think. Getting the right food for her, cleaning her house, doing yard work.
  • Being a Mom of a 34 year old daughter with aspergers is someone other challenge. I am blessed that she is high functioning and able to drive and hold a part-time job. The money that she makes at this job is minimal it only helps to pay for things that she enjoys like pet toys for our dog. So being a single mom all Financial responsibilities fall on me. So instead of having 1 car payment and expenses I have two. All household responsibilities like fixing, decisions and finance fall solely on me.
  • BOAT MAINTENANCE!!! We have 2 and it's a never ending process. ALSO... No persons boat runs on thanks!
  • I Wish I didn't have the responsibility of picking up the dog poo especially after winter months
  • I'm like 50% sure I'm the only one who can save the world and it's stressful having that responsibility.
  • I'm pretty much my parents retirement plan. I wish I could be free and live my life exactly how I want. But alas
  • Dishes
  • I'm like 50% sure I'm the only one who can save the world.
  • Having to decide what to cook for dinner every single day
  • My parents rely me to pay the bills due to not earning enough.
  • Making dinner
  • Exams on useless subjects that wouldn't even be used in my future.
  • Paying for crap myself.
  • TQOTD: difficult to think of an interesting answer, but I don't want the responsibility of an adult attitude? " Act your age." Is an annoying reprimand
  • Child care expenses are so flipping High. I wish I didn't have to pay for two kids. We're talking more than my mortgage.
  • Anything society wants me to do despite me wanting to be free. We are all in cages, and owned by people of power.
  • Litter box and wearing a bra 😂
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