The year that many are calling the worst in history is finally over and we are moving on into 2021. We want to know what will be better about this year than last.

What's one thing about 2021 that will be better than last year? (No politics please)

  • Still trying to figure that one out.
  • I'm hoping things will be at least some what back to normal
  • I won’t be living in Michigan anymore! It’s bittersweet!
  • My DIL now has a working dishwasher.
  • I'll have a baby in my arms. Due in March
  • The doctors are saying that most people will be able to be vaccinated by May/June so I might have a life.
  • More quality family and friends time, more homemade less store made
  • More love less material
  • I hope to retire in June.
  • Me! I will be better in 2021 than I was in 2020
  • Hopefully my health.... or just anything. You can’t get much worse than 2020!! Lol.
  • Baby coming in april
  • A new president
  • Wishing Connie heals and comes back.
  • Home hunting
  • Watching my great grand grow
  • everything
  • Moving into a new house in March.
  • This year like you Fish I’m working on me and getting back on track with getting healthy and losing weight. It going to be a year of huge changes for the better.
  • In 2021 I don't have to move or go thru a divorce so it's already better
  • Praying for Connie... hoping things will be better for her and Dan...Wishing you a remission from this Cancer...Be strong...We all love you.
  • TQOTD what will be better this year? My hubby is getting a vasectomy, no more babies for us 🙌🏼🍆✂️

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