Christine has doubt sometimes but doesn’t doubt that she looks younger than she is … people tell her that all the time. Steve has a problem with procrastination but is a very patient man. I have no workout drive and like to make people smile. Those were are answers about the good and bad ways we think about ourselves and you the Click of 6 sometimes used the same answer for both. Check them out.

What’s one thing you love about yourself and one thing you hate?

  • Love my eyes. Dislike that I can't gain weight...stupid over active metabolism. Wouldn't wish this on anyone
  • I love my empathy for others. I hate my self esteem issues
  • My obsessiveness over details, and my obsessiveness over details.
  • I hate that I cry when I'm angry. I feel like it makes me look weak..and I can't express my anger because I can't talk while crying. I just kind of scream in a high pitched crying yell. I love that I don't get angry very often lol
  • I love my boobs. I hate my anxiety
  • Love my makeup skills. Hate my inability to say no
  • Lovey heart and soul. Hate my body
  • I love my eyes but hate my stubbornness.
  • I love my ability to get along with most animals. I hate that my life has been such a pain in the arse lately.
  • Love: my witty humor. Hate: everything from the neck, down
  • I love that I'm not shy, for the most part. I hate that at my age I still make bad decisions. Although, they're not as often so that's good
  • Love my eyes, absolutely hate my body! Big time!!
  • I love my skin and I hate how gray my roots are. I have to dye them every few weeks and I’ve been doing it since I was 22. (Now 43).
  • I love I was able to grow up in a better time. That my husband talks to everybody like they have been friends forever and I am over here overly judging them before I get to know them. It's a work in progress. I hate it.
  • I love my sarcasm.
  • Hate my OCD.
  • I love my passion for gaming. And I pretty much hate everything else about me.
  • My empathetic personality. My empathetic personality.
  • One thing I love about myself and one thing I hate: I love my ability to be self-reflective and see both sides of a situation or opinion. However, I hate the fact I love too hard too fast. I get trusting someone until they give you a reason not to trust them, but I don't have the ability to see red flags from the beginning. On a shallow level, I hate how fat I am. #DamnItTacoTuesday
  • Something I love about myself - I am really nice & loving & caring, and even though i have been through a lot of hardships I have never given up something I hate - i am too trusting & gullible. i get hurt easily this way :(
  • I also like that I'm 57 and don't look it. What I don't like is my weight and not having enough umph to get off my butt to lose it. Wait... I'm 57 yikes no wonder my get up and go got up and went along with my health.
  • Hope you all have a beautiful day!!!
  • I love my hair and despise my teeth. I used to have awesome teeth but then an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Disease destroyed them.
  • I love my courage and confidence. I dislike my body type.
  • Love my eyes. Dislike that I can't gain weight...stupid over active metabolism. Wouldn't wish this on anyone
  • I love my eyes but hate my self esteem.
  • That I'm a very giving and caring person... And that I'm a very caring and giving person…
  • I use sarcasm as a defense. I use sarcasm as a defense.
  • Love my smile, can’t stand my fear of heights!
  • I Love that I am pretty Blunt. I Hate that I am Blunt
  • Being short!!!! I'm 4ft 9in
  • All love, no hate
  • I hate my Anxiety. I love my thick thighs and pretty blue eyes
  • I love that I have gorgeous curves. I'm very pear shaped. What I hate: I am 185lbs, I feel like I look so fat and ugly and my chest area looks so small people often mistake me for a guy when my back is turned.
  • One of the greatest loves I have had is the compassion for life, my love for others and making others laugh and be happy...Life is such a short ride that I have always been determined to touch others hearts and make a difference. If I can put a smile on your face and enlighten your soul...even if we have never met...I feel like I have made a difference...I’m a healer and have also wanted pretty sensual abs my whole life...that’s another issue. I know they are in there somewhere. Doesn’t make me hate myself, but makes me feel guilty about never pursuing this thought and putting sweets aside. I guess sometimes it feels like such work to acquire such a feat even though I’m not overweight. I bought a stationary bike many years ago and has finally made it out of the box. Oh please...someone put it together for me. Seems like once it’s put together then I have to use it. I pour a nice sugary drink tonight, things will be fine...once again. We always have tomorrow don’t we.

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