Time to pull out your know-it-all monocle and tell us something that you are a complete expert at. Oh, and make sure it's something fun too...

What's something fun you would say you were an expert at?

  • Disappointing my parents. Anything I do, particularly if I have fun or seem happy or am successful—they’re disappointed. I go out for dinner with friends, I get reprimanded. I do yoga or meditation, I get a lecture. I make a decision that’s best for me, they act like the world is ending. No joke. Some people are just so miserable and can’t stand to see others happy or even having a moment of fun. 40 long, trying years of doing nothing right. That’s what I’m good at.
  • Haven’t done anything FUN in 8 months except exercise.
  • Making people think I'm scary when I'm really just a porcelain doll that cracks easily. I got one heck of a mouth for a girl that cries when she's called out on any of her bs or yelled at
  • Useless trivia. Need someone as your go-to for music, movies, and tv trivia? I’m your girl.
  • Reading people, calling their bluff and watching the best responses. I have gained a lot of trust over the years with this method.
  • Being a horrible imposter
  • Cakes
  • Parallel parking
  • Pissing people off
  • Bon Jovi.
  • Making peanut butter fudge, listening... to Connie and Fish.
  • Investigating
  • Sarcasm
  • Couponing!
  • Laughing at my kids and drinking wine!gotta live 2020
  • Listening to others Cry and whine.....
  • Making cocktails
  • Procrastinating
  • Playing harmonica
  • Sleeping?.....
  • Old fashioneds and bloodys
  • Doing a 12 pack
  • I’m an expert at staying in my house! I love being at home. I have great food, great entertainment options, and a cozy couch with tons of blankets!!
  • I feel that I am an expert in empathy and telling you like it is as much as that may hurt
  • Text question of the day- Tennis- I'm a certified pro- I do private lessons, played through college, coached for many years
  • Something that's fun & I'm good at is planning vacations to Walt Disney World. I've actually been helping my friends to start planning their own trips!
  • TQOD: I'm with Christine! 100% Shopping is my Superpower! I can find a deal & stretch that dollar. Also I am a fellow GH watcher. Have been since 1994 when I was in MS!
  • I wouldn't consider this "fun," but "positive." I'm an expert at giving pep talks. When friends or family are feeling down about a situation, I lift them back up and help them move on.
  • Chickens, i showed and raised chicken all my life as a child and won Grand Champion and Grand champion over all. So some people think its weird that i just have a bunch of random chicken knowledge in my brain laying around. Like did you know a chickens "butt hole" is actually called a Vent

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