Steve is tired all the time and has learned how to function on no sleep. This is part of parenting and he is not a fan but sucks it up and does it. It got us all to talking about things we may have learned recently and our hope was to maybe get a few ideas of new things we may want to learn from you:

What’s something new you’ve learned?

  • That i want absolutely no more kids
  • When your car is using defrost, it works with your AC. So if your AC doesn't work, it takes longer for your window to defrost.
  • How to solve a Rubik’s cube
  • I’ve learned how to grow and harvest marijuana
  • I've learned that the left hand lane is for passing on the highway So move the hell over
  • That being a salary employee doesn't mean 9-5/40 hours a week, its you work till the work is done... PS: It is 1:11 AM (make a wish) and I am still working to make sure our team meets end of month deadlines...
  • Watching Jeopardy last week, when Mayim Bialek read an answer and pronounced "St. John" as "Sinjin," I thought "what the heck" and Googled it. Sure enough, it's correct, apparently a British thing. I never knew this before. My curiosity took me further so I looked up the beach volleyball player, Sinjin Smith, and guess what? His full name is Christopher St. John Smith. Now I'm wondering if everyone but me knew this.
  • The credited first inventor of an automobile was born in 1725
  • If you replace your normal lunch and just eat a small pack of Combos, you will lose ten pounds in no time.
  • I learned this when I started my job in auto center…. There is a plack for you to look at your tire size (on the driver side door frame) without having to look at your tire. Now if you have aftermarket tires then 9/10 times they already know the size…
  • What I've learned is family can be terrible when inheritance is involved. After $80,000 4 lawsuits, my advice is that all family members are not good people.
  • I’ve learned that you don’t have to stay somewhere if you’re unhappy. Not only just work, but with anything. I just put my 2 weeks in last night!
  • That toothpaste has sand in it.
  • If you push the little tabs on the box of foil, it doesn't fall out when you use it
  • Tag stands for touch and go.
  • Deja Vu is a sign of stress and anxiety. I've been having a lot of it lately so I Googled it. Then I heard it on the Connie and Fish Podcast.
  • I thought my coworker was in his late 30’s. I just found out he’s pushing 50! Damn he looks good. What’s the secret to the fountain of youth? That I have not learned yet.
  • I've heard your taste buds change every 7 years so you should always try new things

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