It's time to talk about those in-laws that you hate and don't worry because you are going to be anonymous for our Text Question of the Day.

What’s something that you just can’t stand about your in-laws???

  • Through the entire pandemic, my Mother in Law has traveled from Ohio to see her grandkids in Kentucky, but has yet to come visit her grandkids up here in Michigan. She tends to play favorites, and unfortunately my family get the short end of the stick every time.
  • One thing I can't stand about my in laws is how they favoritize the first grandchild who is my step son, I have to pay them to watch my son but its free when they watch him‍♀️ wtf, and they only ask for him to spend the night but not any of the other grand kids
  • Well if this isn't an of opening a can of worms and an expressway for drama right before the holidays if I ever saw one!! Good Luck people! Oh and I no longer have in-laws but they were/are decent enough people.
  • I love my MIL! She's a class act and I *dont* take her for granted!!!
  • When I had them...everything...well MIL only, she was a horrible person. Did not know FIL that well but he seemed nice enough.
  • My ex in-laws were such lovely people, but they made the worst was like tan water.
  • How much HUGGING they all do! I'm not a big physical affection person and I haven't been in the family for that long so its hard for me to be comfortable hugging them at the moment lol
  • Just one...her politics. Our family is on opposite sides.
  • I love my In-laws only thing I wish Is they would move back to Michigan to be closer to us.
  • Mine are no longer around, I am 71 years of age. I am trying not to be them.
  • My former in-laws never listened to music. They listened to sports stations on the radio and watched sports on TV.
  • Mmmmm ... don’t get me started.
  • How they treat my husband.
  • You’re asking this right before Thanksgiving dinner?
  • That they are not with us anymore. Miss them every day.
  • That’s a can of worms to not open up in a public forum
  • Can’t stand they are no longer with us
  • Everything! My MIL is a narcissist, the world owes her everything!
  • They're straight alcoholics... I live in WI and Wisconsinites even cringe at them.
  • I almost had in-laws once. Lucked out.
  • That they aren't here anymore...
  • Sorry... they are the only family I have left. I have to like everything they do, well, unless they drink up all my wine, then I would have a problem with her.
  • My father in laws need for attention all the f..... Time.
  • They live so far away love my in-laws but they live in Tennessee.
  • Their son? Hehe
  • Every......thing.....
  • The fact that they are both gone now miss them alot
  • I don’t have any anymore.. yayeeee for meeeeeeeeeee!
  • They have mental issues with going will not leave the house unless it’s for the grocery store or a doctors appointment
  • Honestly I can't find any faults with my in-laws, they are absolutely the best in-laws you could ever ask for. They are the most caring and charitable people. Just this past weekend my wife called her dad to ask what tread depth does he normally replace his tires and he said he would buy them!! That's not what we asked but he didn't care and insisted on paying for new tires!! I love them more than some people in my own family!!!
  • I can't stand that my in-laws both passed before I got to meet them. I'm told my husband is exactly like my father-in-law and I would've loved him . I can't stand the fact that I didn't get to meet the two people that created my husband
  • Pushing religion, guilt trips for not being able to come o er and overstaying their welcome
  • My sister in law doesn't talk much unless something has her interest. And the other one is very oraney. Neither of them say hi when I stop in. Not very friendly.
  • My in laws are from Vietnam, their dual residence that spend the winter months in Vietnam and the summer months here in MI. I love my in laws but I absolutely can’t stand what they would consider “clean” in a home. Granted I get it, in Vietnam they're mainly open areas and tropical weather year round. Enclosed kitchens aren't a big thing in their village but you still got to wash dishes, clean counter tops, stoves, and wipe tables downs etc, NO MATTER THE LOCATION IN THE WORLD.
  • For the text question of the day: My mother in law currently lives with us and we have a baby on the way. Needless to say, she has been impulsive in having us buy things that we don’t quite need. And she will do this every week. Also, she leaves her Pepsi cans all over the house, which drives me insane. Plus, she smokes, so sometimes she drops cigarette butts all over my yard, sometimes I’ll find some in the house too.
  • Thank goodness when you get a divorce you also get to divorce your in-laws... 3 months after I left and me and my ex split everything she called me at work to tell me that I needed to return a rocking chair that my son used everyday but that she bought and she didn't care what me and my ex had agreed to I thought it was an emergency and excuse myself from a meeting to take this call... NEVER AGAIN
  • My in-laws have zero boundaries. We're updating the house we just bought and my MIL's feelings were hurt she wasn't the "project manager." (Her words) I still don't understand why she would be project manager at MY house
  • Christine fish and Steve good morning I have two things about my in-laws my mother-in-law is a huge online shopper her house doesn't look very pretty very difficult to be there at times but we still go over there makes life for her online shopping hard because she doesn't get rid of anything so she's at AKA hoarder for online shopping buy stuff for my children which is wonderful but not necessary all the time I have probably gotten rid of half the amount of crap that she has ordered online because it's cheap and it doesn't last. Now my father-in-law is a great person he would give you the shirt off your back however when it comes to playing with my children who by the way are two and four he does not engage whatsoever he will pretend to sleep he will pretend to ignore them and he will pretend to just make it so that there don't even exist which is very heartbreaking.
  • Four text question of the day why do I dislike about my in-laws do I have to pick one thing oh what the hell we'll make it easy everything LOL
  • They have mental issues with going will not leave the house unless it’s for the grocery store or a doctors appointment
  • How they used to undermine my parenting. Also how she took both of my girls to buy their first bra. That is a mother daughter rite of passage and she took that from me not once, but twice.
  • That they won't meet me after 20 years and we live next door to each other
  • TQOTD: My MIL sold the house we were living in out from under us when I was PREGNANT and acted like WE were the bad guys when we moved out of it before she was ready for us to. She wanted us to stay and keep making the payments til she had it sold. Uh, nope. She "helped" us get the house, but insisted she was on all the paperwork and was in charge. Like Steve, we got a narcissistic sociopath here. Broke my husband's heart. I will never forgive her for that.

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