Tell us something that you did when you were younger and are still shocked that you got away with. Don't worry, you'll be anonymous.

What is something that you can’t believe you got away with your whole entire life???

  • I accidentally backed into a lady on a motorized cart when I was 17. I knocked the battery right out of that little cart ...and her son tried to put it back but it was too heavy so my boyfriend at the time had to help...and then I was freaking out but she just gave me a hug and said 'its fine, now I know that if this happens, I won't tip over' and they went on their way...I saw them again a while later...still riding along in the same cart, but made sure to STEER CLEAR this time
  • Skipping classes in college to drink Boone’s Farm with y best friend Regina! My mom never knew or she never told me she knew what we were doing!
  • I used to write my own “excused absence” notes, when I wanted to skip school with my friends in high school (in my own handwriting). My mom has a very unique signature so once I mastered that, I was golden. I would write my own note, sign her name (which looked totally different than my own handwriting) at then under her signature put our home phone number. The office never once questioned it (or called the number). Most of these skip days were taking the afternoon off, to tan on a friend’s roof and cover our bodies in baby oil, blasting 2Pac and Warren G. Aaaaaaah....the good old days.
  • #secrets When I was younger I had one of those old metal retainers and I had just broken one and my parents had to pay to get it replaced… Well a few days later I broke it again and I knew I would be in huge trouble if they had to buy another one. My older brother one morning grabbed my retainer case with the retainer in it and threw it across the room. When I opened it back up and got it I pretended that it broke when he threw it but it was really already broken. Wow I am so lame, I had a metal retainer…
  • Secrets..... that I constantly tell people "I don't know" and about95% of the time I do know... teeehee
  • So my brother has Down's Syndrome. He is 42 years old and he lives with my parents because he isn't capable of living alone. Since we were kids I always blamed my farts on him. I was there yesterday and one slipped out. My mom looked at me with the "what's that smell" look. I just looked at him and said nasty man
  • Picture it: Freshman year of college. History final was essentially a book report. My buddy paid me to write his. I did. He only wanted to pass, he got a B. I was broke and it didn't take me long to write two, very diferent-sounding papers.
  • In high school I ran a gambling ring and also made/burned custom CDs for classmates. Probably made well over a $1k.
  • Used to cut the fence at the local airport and lie down and hide in the grass next to the runway. Was a blast when the planes landed.
  • Stole road signs. I mean at one point I probably had over 20. Various designs. My favorite was a sign 6 ft wide that listed it was illegal to steal, the fine I would pay if caught, along with other info.
  • My mom loves to tell stories of how when I was about three years old I would just go up to women wearing pantyhose and rub their legs. I guess I just really liked how soft it was. They would be pretty freaked out at first but then look down and see a smiling cute kid and not seem to care. Feel like I couldnt get away with this anymore.
  • Sorry, the statute of limitations is not over yet.
  • Me and my brother went over to our friends house and spend the night (only so we could hook up with his sister's) there dad busted us making out but to to this day my mom doesn't know. Brother in pain
  • For secrets: I got drunk on cheap wine with my friends at 16 (dumb) and went home and sat across from my mom at the kitchen table... little did I know, SHE had just had a couple drinks with her bestie and they were all giggly and silly, so she had no idea
  • I never got caught allowing my friends to cheat off my tests. Had hand and pencil tapping signals. In hind sight if they put as much work into studying as they did learning my cheating system they would have passed the test anyway.
  • In high school I use to not study for test and right down the questions I didnt know on a piece of scrap paper not finish the test and then take the scrap paper home and google the answers so I could finish the test the next day and pass
  • listening to Connie, Steve (and) Intern Fish. on the internet!! Would be in big trouble if I was caught. But you and Steve are worth it!!
  • Surprisingly enough, I don't have anything I've gotten away with my whole life lol. However, back when my siblings and I were younger, my dad went fishing every year in Canada and had to prepack and weigh everything before he left. He always told us that we weren't aloud to touch ANY of his food he packed. My oldest brother ate a can of Spam from his packed stuff and told my little brother that if he didnt confess to eating it then he would whoop his ass and so my little brother confessed to eating it because he knew my older brothers ads whooping would be worse than our dads my dad still has no clue lol
  • Felony theft, vandalism and oh so much trespassing. The irony is that we had no idea we were doing anything wrong. We lived near a small industrial park with like 10 or 12 small manufacturing plants and warehouses and most of them had a bunch of those wooden pallets stacked up outside. We would go and grab a bunch of them and drag them to the woods behind the area and build forts out of them. It seriously never dawned on us that we were actually stealing until a couple of cops came into the woods one day while we were building an addition onto our fort and informed us that each of those pallets cost like $50. And we had like 20 or 30 of them out there.
  • I once broke into the country club, stole a golf cart (the club car with the protective cage), drove the cart a few miles to the local grocery store..... I was 14. Cops did pick me up. I parked the cart at the mcdonalds and tried to walk to Kroger. They got me walking. So I just got in trouble for being out past curfew. All this.... cause I wanted some gum....
  • #secrets So my mom got away with not telling me that a different man COULD BE my dad. The man I thought was my dad wasn't in my life....but still. So now after 44 years I'm going to meet my biological father in two weeks!!#thanks23&me #nervous
  • Me and some friends lit a old beaten down RV on fire when we were 6. About 20 minutes later I’m standing with my mom watching the fire department put out the fire. She was talking with a neighbor about the fire. Little 6 year old me grinning cause I did it

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