Dan (Connie’s Husband) and I went to the casino for a few hours the other day. Hadn’t done that in a while and it was very cool. Usually I end up dumping cash on slots but I hit right away and was up over 500 bucks. I got super excited and Dan and I went to go get a drink (he was up as well). So we get the beverage and are killing time so we can go to the tables (can’t drink at the tables but can at the slots). As Dan is making more money on a slot machine I get bored and put my slip in there and lose over $300 of the $500 in about 40 minutes. I knew I should have walked away but what if I hit and the machine was by Dan so we were talking. I didn’t want to just sit there and do nothing while he played and that is how I came up with today’s TQOTD:

What’s something you knew you shouldn’t do but you did it because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

  • Running a 50 mile race
  • Maybe... just maybe tattoos, mead and a membership for a few years.. piercing ears, highlights in the 90's.. tanning booths and linkin park lol
  • How long do you have?
  • Smoked the weed at the young age of 14 to be with the "cool" crowd
  • 🍄🍄🍄
  • so I went on a ride with my sister for her first birthday with us after her adoption in Disney world. This was one that spins like the gravitron. I have severe motion sickness. She really wanted to go on it so I went and that night at dinner I was so sick even our server asked me if I wanted some bread instead of regular food
  • UGG! Got married. We were both in our mid-30s and were feeling pressure from family and friends. I don't think I was ever in love with her, but thought it was a thing to do. I've been divorced for four years, extremely happy ever since! Christine, don't do it!
  • I was 29 and my cousin had just completed her graduation. She met me for some drinks then invited me to come to her college to attend the farewell party. The party ran till 6 AM and I passed out in a corner. It was the loudest, noisiest and cringiest thing I had been to in last 5 years. I haven't seen her since then.
  • I’d say for me going out bar crawling has almost always been a disappointment but I always feel like when I don't go, something epic happens
  • My FOMO moment: I wanted to be with a bad boy at one point because he was actually interested in me, and I was SUPER shocked because hot guys have never been too into me (no offense to the cute guys that were into me, you guys are much better than that) I went with him and hung out a few times and there were SO many red flags, but I ignored them a little because I didn’t want to miss out, until he put me in a REALLY uncomfortable and dangerous position and that’s when I realized that I had too much to live for and no longer wanted to be with him. I got out of there just in time because he ended up in jail later that month.
  • I had been dating my highschool crush for a couple of years when I went to college but once I got there I had met several different guys who were interested in me. I didn't want to miss out on the "college dating experience" so I dumped my boyfriend and then proceeded to have several years of dating bouches. Wish I woulda just stayed with my bf at the time.
  • The worst decision I made because of FOMO was going to Vegas for a friend's 21st while I had mono. The doctor told me not to go, but I had already bought my ticket and couldn't miss out. I got there okay and kept it relatively low key (for a 21 year old MSU student) but on the flight home I thought I was going to die. The pressure of the flight coupled with the mono was excruciating. I sobbed the whole way home, was seated in a different row then my friends and once we landed, I couldn't hear. I thought the change in pressure had made me deaf. It was the most miserable experience and I should have listened to the doctor
  • I binged the first 7 seasons of GOT in less than 2 weeks so that I would be caught up by season 8 ep 2. I had hardcore FOMO and was let down hard. Thanks a lot Steve and the world of GOT fans for your social pressures that gave me FOMO.
  • Being with my daughter's sperm donor.. you only live once then get knocked up and he stays away!
  • So for Tuesday's question, something I shouldn’t do but did cause FOMO. High school Reunions. I know I should not go to them, especially 1 of them that a guy was going to be at, (we had been talking on Facebook catching up,) that I never got to kiss in HS. I went anyway. I have not missed any of them, because of FOMO. And this one with this guy was a lot of fun and there may have been another guy that was a lot of fun also, dang it, I REALLY should not have gone. That is all I will say.
  • I married my snowboarding instructor on vacation. Oops.

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