You all were told not to do certain things by your parents when you are kids and we want to know what that was.  But, more specifically, we want to know what you weren't allowed to do then, but actually do now!

What is something you do as an adult that you were not allowed to do as a child AND do your parents know?

  • Watch Bevis and Butthead.
  • I had to cut dryer sheets in half if I used them as a kid ... now I use 2 at a time to make up for it. I love the smell of fresh laundry.
  • Basically everything my mom was always strict on the stuff in the fridge cause we were poor. So I eat and drink what I want
  • Eat ice cream for breakfast
  • #tqotd I drink and curse like a sailor. And yes, I make up new swear words sometimes.
  • I get to watch true crime shows. Now I'm addicted. Yes mom knows
  • After I turn 18 in March, I plan on getting a mother haaaaaaaaaates them. So she probably will not know when I get one. #rebel #GLORIOUS!
  • As an adult, sometimes I like to enjoy leftover dessert, especially pie, for breakfast. Mom would have never allowed it as a kid, but I learned it from her as an adult! Her and dad probably did it all the time when I was a kid!
  • I'm allowed to have a boy in my room.....even WITH the door closed ;) (hint: I'm married now LOL)
  • I get to stay up late watching TV, let the dishes and laundry sit and I don't have to make my bed
  • Not finish my dinner
  • TQOTD...Cuss like a sailor. I love the word frog for whatever reason....yes my parents know now, my dad thinks it's hilarious because I get the habit from him I think. My mom is probably not so sure but she laughs because my texts to her always include swears
  • #Tqotd Everything, drink, stay up late, eat junk food, go where I want when I want..
  • I get to stay out past 11pm
  • As an adult, I don't go to church every Sunday ⛪ my mom sometimes knows
  • Drink coffee. Omg coffee is life
  • For the question of the day. I now wear my shirts untucked and yes my parents know.
  • Growing up, I never was allowed to watch tv until my room was clean and my bed is made. I still watch the occasional tv, but I literally haven't made my bed since I left home 12 years ago, well unless my parents are coming over
  • What am I able to do as an adult that I couldn't as a kid.. say "because I said so." And that simply is my answer to my kids. My parents said that to me ALL the time and it was so annoying. Now I get to annoy my kids Happy Friday.. Love Ya'll ❤
  • As a child my mom would not allow me to have toy guns (water or Nerf) once I went to college I got an epic Nerf gun and truly enjoyed every battle I was in with it!
  • My parents wouldn't let me watch Friends. They know I watch it and even watch it with me now.
  • I dye my hair "wild" colors. My mum is dead, but my dad is well aware.
  • I have a filthy mouth. My mom's favorite retort to swearing is, "Swearing is a sign of a limited vocabulary." Well, eff that.
  • We were not allowed to have pets as children within the year of me moving out and getting married I had two dogs and I love them all so my parents obviously not because of how in the world would I go about hiding two dogs from my parents
  • Two slices of cheese on a grilled cheese because when I was growing up we were poor and you got a half of a slice
  • I wasn't allowed cookies for breakfast. You better believe I'm eating all the cookies and yup they know bc I tend to rest all the cookies in their house.
  • Eat chips out of the bag
  • I was never allowed to go hunting or shoot guns now I own 3 different guns and go to the shooting range or hunting and my parents know and didn't like it at first not know don't mind
  • I can listen to my music as loud as I want. Now my wife complains about it. So I guess never mind. Lol
  • I actually saved my money now that I'm an adult
  • Talk back!
  • I bet your mum and cat are hanging out with my dad #EverybodyIsDead
    SMOKE WEED, Fish!!!!!!!!! I can smoke that grass now!!!! And my mom knows. My dad might know.
  • I can smoke weed now. #proposal1 #thankssteve #bringbackthedollarmenu
  • For me, it would be getting tattoos and coloring my hair. My parents are well aware of both since I have 3/4 sleeves on both arms (10 tattoos all together) and purple in my hair. They however just ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist haha!
  • Text question:. As kids we were not allowed to drink pop. The only time was when we would watch Duke's of Hazard on Sunday nights and my mom would make my sister and I split a can. We would watch her pour the pop in the glass to make sure that it was even. Yes my parents know that I drunk pop like it is a job. Lol
  • TQOTD: I can eat while sitting on my bed. Girlfriend also doesn't allow it but if she's out of town ... I'm free to chow down
  • Tqotd: As a kid my mom never wanted me to watch Casper because "it's scary" I explained to her multiple times that he's a friendly ghost, but she didn't care. I still watched it at my best friends house (I'm a rebel like that ) When I was in my early 20s my mom bought the DVD and told me I was old enough to watch it now LMAO.
  • Get tattoos and piercings and my mom knows not my dad
  • Pizza whenever I want!! Breakfast! Dinner! Midnight snack!! Yasss!! Also, after I got my first small tattoo I tried to hide it from my mom even though I was 22...she called me an idiot. Then about a year ago I got one in memory of my two grandmothers that had passed, she loved that.
    On my 18th birthday, I cracked a joke about being able to eat ice cream for breakfast. I eat it whenever I want! Usually for dinner when in the mood
    I couldn't watch sex scenes but I sure do now! For example, the sex scene in Team America hahaha
    Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner or late snack and no she does not know
    #TQOTD I'm 36yrs old and jump on my couch and bed. When I was 18 I called my mom from my first apartment and let her know. Lol … I also do it now to annoy my hubby