Everyone gives a little here or there for their significant other.  What do you do?

What’s something you don’t want to do, but you do it because you love the person you’re with?

  • Gold Rush shows. Ugh...
  • Let him live..
  • This literally just happened. My husband is so bored after 8 weeks of quarantine that he asks me to get in the car and just ride around. So boring. I would rather be outside walking, jogging, riding a bike (not wasting gas doing nothing). Tonight was Saugatuck and Holland. UGH
  • The list is just to dang long,but that's how I stayed married 32yrs.Making big meals for him when I just want something small to eat is a big one.
  • Eat pizza with pineapple on it. My hubby and both kids love it...I can't eat a whole pizza to myself so...I just eat it.
  • I deal with massive amounts of dog hair from his buddy, he's a really good dog but it's EVERYWHERE!
  • Making balloon animals when I’m tired
  • French kiss. I know it’s super weird. I’ve never been a French kisser. My current boyfriend likes it so I sacrifice for love lol ☺️
  • Listen to him snore without killing him lol
  • Feed her. By her, I mean the granddaughter that lives with me.
  • Watch James Bond movies! The woman’s names, really? Ick!
  • Try to load the dishwasher and fold the towels his way. Lol
  • Grocery shopping... occasionally
  • Wash his stinky socks!
  • Scoop the litter box
  • I guess he has to eat.
  • Watch football.
  • I make the husband these peanut butter & butter on saltine crackers sandwich’s. He says it doesn’t taste the same if he makes them for himself. Yeah right!
  • My wife is the biggest fan of the bachelor and the bachelorette. I cant stand that scripted drama. Its soooooo stupid. I would rather punch myself in the face.
  • Okay text question of the day. I go to her hillbilly family reunions where they play bingo give away toilet paper macaroni and cheese and stupid other prizes. Nothing better been sitting there with a bunch of people in crop top shirts no pun intended Steve and blue jean short shorts. Imagine that image fish lol
  • I HATE. flying but I do it for her
  • Fridays TQOTD: Honestly Balloon Animals!! Could live without it, but I love the JackHole so Let's get it over with
  • Eat the meat he smokes on the grill.........puke, listen to him snore, every single night, watch his horrible movie choices such as Star Wars, Rambo, Iron Man and Rocky, clean his man hair off the sink after he shaves, listen to him sing ridiculous made up songs in the car, pick up his dirty socks and undies off the bathroom floor, joined Friday night couples bowling league..........I hate bowling. Damn I am a great wife I do a lot of crappy stuff for my husband.

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